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Happy Wednesday ~ December 21, 2022

Happy winter solstice! The moon enters Sagittarius and mingles with Jupiter in Aries, making for an uplifting atmosphere that’s wonderful for spending quality time with people. We’re in a generous mood!

The sun enters Capricorn: Reflect on your past successes and think about what you want to achieve next! The sun squares off with Jupiter, bringing a massive boost of confidence! Plenty of fun may take place, but do be careful not to over-indulge. Patience and tempers may be short as the moon opposes Mars retrograde in Gemini… slow down and think things through before speaking!. (By Annabel Gat)

The Sun enters Capricorn today, where it will transit until January 20th. We’re motivated by feelings of responsibility, ambition, and respect for law and order during this cycle. Completion and accomplishment are satisfying during this Sun transit.

Capricorn wants tangible results, knows what is feasible, and is most comfortable working within an established framework and known boundaries or limits. Standards, structures, and an appreciation for order are Capricorn themes. Working towards a long-term goal is the most motivating with this influence.

Today, however, there’s a tendency to go to excess with the Moon’s opposition to Mars and the Sun square Jupiter. We can be reactive. We can also be eager to expand, and our ideas are big, but we may not yet find the proper channels for our urges. We feel discontent, leading us to seek more meaning, growth, or change.

We should watch for reaching too far, overestimating our energy levels or the time we might invest in a commitment. We would do well to remind ourselves that going bigger isn’t always in our best interests. This way, we can enjoy optimism and goodwill without the ups and downs brought by too-high expectations.

The void Moon continues today until the Moon enters Sagittarius. (By Cafe Astrology)

Moon in Sagittarius

12:13am MST/ 1:13am CST/ 2:13am EST

Sun in Capricorn

1:36pm PST/ 2:36pm MST/ 2:36pm CST/ 3:36pm EST

Sun Square Jupiter

4:50pm PST/ 5:50pm MST/ 6:50pm CST/ 7:50pm EST

Moon Opposition Mars

5:48pm PST/ 6:48pm MST/ 7:48pm CST/ 8:48pm EST

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