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Happy Wednesday ~ February 16, 2022

Sweet Venus and fiery Mars meet in Capricorn, creating a lusty atmosphere that’s filled with creative potential! A new cycle is beginning in your connections—but there’s also a full moon today, and full moons are all about release. This one is in fire sign Leo, asking us to let go of everything that feels inauthentic to our true selves. The moon enters thoughtful earth sign Virgo. (by Annabel Gat)

Venus and Mars align in the earthy sign of Capricorn this morning, heightening our feelings, which can be passionate and feel pressing now. This transit generates warm, expressive, and lively energy. Venus is diplomatic, gentle, romantic, and sensitive, while Mars is more direct, sexual, and assertive.

On the one hand, Venus can soften the aggressiveness of Mars. On the other, Mars can bring impatience or force to the romantic impulses of Venus. Some level of competition is present in our interactions. While it’s likely of a pleasurably challenging kind, it’s not out of the question that it can be disruptive. In fact, we can be impulsive with our relationships, pleasure, money, or material goods. We can also bring more creativity to our work or business.

The Full Moon occurs in the sign of Leo midday, boosting the day’s excitement further. The Full Moon is a time of culmination and epiphany. There can be a creative, romantic, and dynamic element to our revelations.

While the Leo Moon is proud and intensely individual, not content with simply being just one of the team, the Aquarius Sun, while also individualistic, values independence and the team. The Full Moon illuminates this conflict and invites us to strike a balance.

Consider that new feelings and revelations are emotional ones, and we might want to exercise some care expressing them. The Moon continues its transit of dramatic, expressive Leo until 3:43 PM EST, when it heads into work-focused Virgo.

Venus Conjunct Mars

6:28am PDT/ 7:28am MDT/ 8:28am CDT/ 9:28am EDT

Full Moon in Leo

8:56am PDT/ 9:56am MDT/ 10:56am CDT/ 11:56am EDT

Moon enters Virgo

12:43pm PDT/ 1:43pm MDT/ 2:43pm CDT/ 3:43pm EDT

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