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Happy Wednesday ~ July 20, 2022

The Last Quarter Moon is exact this morning when the Sun in Cancer forms a square to the Moon in Aries. We’re beginning to see recent events in a more mature light. The next few days are good for reassessing matters from a more experienced viewpoint. For now, we can feel tense or conflicted.

The Moon continues its transit of Aries until 2:24 PM EDT, after which the Moon is in steady, deliberate Taurus.

However, Venus semi-square Uranus today points to some unpredictability and fickleness. We could follow whims or feel restless until we recognize the need to freshen up our relationships or pastimes. Rumblings of the need to change unhealthy patterns with relating and spending can occur.

Moon Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn

6:20am PDT/ 7:20am MDT/ 8:20am CDT/ 9:20am EDT

Moon in Aries Square Sun in Cancer

7:19am PDT/ 8:19am MDT/ 9:18am CDT/ 10:18am EDT

Moon in Taurus

11:24am PDT/ 12:24am MDT/ 1:24am CDT/ 2:24am EDT

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