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Happy Wednesday ~ March 23, 2022

The moon in Sagittarius connects with Mars in Aquarius, inspiring confidence, and Mercury meets Neptune in Pisces, which can find us having especially deep conversations about spirituality, art, dreams, and wishes. This might not be the best time to do detail-oriented work, but it could be a fantastic opportunity for artistic expression! The moon connects with sweet Venus in Aquarius, creating an affectionate atmosphere. The moon squares off with Jupiter in Pisces: Try not to over-indulge! (by Annabel Gat)

Mercury aligns with Neptune today, helping ease some tension or release mental blocks. It can be a day of interesting ideas, tastes, conversations, and musings. With this transit, we’re more inclined to apply our intuition to everyday issues and problems. Communications can be inspired and inspirational, quite fanciful, or vague and unclear, and possibly deceptive. We should avoid allowing wishful thinking to dictate our decisions, but tapping into our imagination can be rewarding.

The Moon spends the day in optimistic Sagittarius. We’re more outgoing, adventurous, and interested in gaining knowledge and experience.

Moon Sextile Mars

10:12am PDT/ 11:12am MDT/ 12:12pm CDT/ 1:12pm EDT

Mercury Conjunct Neptune

10:44am PDT/ 11:44am MDT/ 12:44pm CDT/ 1:44pm EDT

Moon Sextile Venus

4:29pm PDT/ 5:29pm MDT/ 6:29pm CDT/ 7:29pm EDT

Moon Square Jupiter

8:59pm PDT/ 9:59pm MDT/ 10:59pm CDT/ 11:59pm EDT

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