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Happy Wednesday ~ November 16, 2022

Venus enters Sagittarius, and the moon enters Virgo.

People are in the mood to party as Venus enters Sagittarius! We may be especially bold, eager to take romantic or creative risks. The moon in Leo makes a helpful connection with Mars retrograde in Gemini and the moon squares off with the sun in Scorpio, which can find us reassessing our action plans.

Inspiring discussions take place as Mercury in Scorpio makes a harmonious connection with Jupiter in Pisces. The moon squares off with Mercury in Scorpio, inspiring a talkative atmosphere, and we’re especially analytical as the moon enters Virgo. The moon squares off with Venus in Sagittarius, encouraging us to get clear on our desires and values.

Venus in Sagittarius

12:09am CST/ 1:09am EST

Moon in Leo Sextile Mars in Gemini

4:12am PST/ 5:12am MST/ 6:12am CST/ 7:12am EST

Moon in Leo Square Sun in Scorpio

5:27am PST/ 6:27am MST/ 7:27am CST/ 8:27am EST

Mercury in Scorpio Trine Jupiter in Pisces

7:43am PST/ 8:43am MST/ 9:43am CST/ 10:43am EST

Moon in Leo Square Mercury in Scorpio

3:55pm PST/ 4:55pm MST/ 5:55pm CST/ 6:55pm EST

Moon in Virgo

5:04pm PST/ 6:04pm MST/ 7:04pm CST/ 8:04pm EST

Moon in Virgo Square Venus in Sagittarius

7:14pm PST/ 8:14pm MST/ 9:14pm CST/ 10:14pm EST

Annabel Gat

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