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Intuitive Astrology: Aquarius Season 2022

On January 18/19 (depending on your timezone) the Sun shifts into the tropical zodiac of Aquarius. The Sun represents our own inner light, and as it moves into the sign of the water bearer we can tap into a different part of our self-expression.

As the Sun moves through air sign Aquarius, we may find ourselves having new and inspiring thoughts, thinking outside the box, instigating change, and finding new ways to look at things.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, and this cosmic energy becomes our guiding force as we move through Aquarius Season.

Uranus is the planet of awakening, it can shake things in our lives, bringing sudden and unexpected events that help push us in a bold new direction. Uranus guides us to step away from actions, attitudes, and beliefs that are not aligned with our soul and encourages us to embody our truth.

What actions and beliefs are you taking for the sake of others? What behaviors are you getting caught up in just because society tells us they are normal?

When the Sun moves into Aquarius, it is time to celebrate our own inner spark and our own way of doing things. We are encouraged to question our beliefs and ensure they are aligned with our truth and not the truth of others.

How can we embrace our own way of doing things? How can we celebrate the unique being that we are and bring this unique spark to the world?

Aquarius Season is also a time where we can feel extra supported to build community in our lives. Having a supportive community is so important to the enrichment of our lives, so think about ways you can strengthen your connection with those around you.

Networking and sharing your experiences with others may also lead to new opportunities and allow you to create a deeper connection with others. Sometimes it can be scary to reach out and ask for help or to share our experiences with others. But allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and putting ourselves out there can often lead to amazing synchronicities and connections.

Aquarius Season is also highly supportive for taking these steps, so know you have the energy of the cosmos on your side!

Aquarius Season 2022 is filled with some cosmic goodies including a highly creative Full Moon, the Lunar New Year, and the ultra-balancing meeting of the two cosmic lovers- Venus and Mars.

Both Venus and Mercury will also station direct under the Aquarius Sun, helping to shake off any sticky or heavy energy and allowing us to embrace more of the new energies the year has for us.

Aquarius Season Astrology 2022

January 18/19- Sun enters Aquarius

Depending on your timezone, the Sun shifts into Aquarius on February 18th or 19th. The movement of the Sun out of Earth sign Capricorn and into Air sign, Aquarius, helps energy move away from our grounding chakras and into the higher chakras. This allows us to feel our feet firmly planted while we stretch our minds to new dimensions.

January 23- Sun Conjunct Mercury Rx

Mercury is traveling retrograde through the shadows of our subconscious, but on this day it aligns with the Sun, symbolizing its rebirth. If you have been feeling the side effects of Mercury Retrograde including miscommunications, delays, technology mishaps, or contract disputes, you may start to gain more clarity from today onwards. This is also a great day to consciously make a decision to push past some limited thinking that has been holding you back.

January 29- Venus Direct

Venus stations direct after being retrograde since December 19. This is a power day for Venus energy and may shed some light on relationship issues or areas where we have been struggling to assert ourselves. Venus also rules over our relationship with money, so we can also use this energy to strengthen our connection with abundance.

February 1- New Moon in Aquarius + Lunar New Year

The Aquarius New Moon signals the start of the lunar new year. There is some volatile energy stirring under this New Moon due to strong influence from the planet Uranus. Know however, that while Uranus may shake things up, it does so in order to bring about an awakening. Change may be in the air on this New Moon, but this may be change we need in order to shift out of any heaviness or sticky energy we may find ourselves in. With Mercury going direct in a few days, we may find once the dust settles that new inspiration and opportunities are on offer to us.

February 1- Chinese Astrology: Year of the Water Tiger

In Chinese astrology, the lunar new year represents the shift into a new zodiac sign. This year, we move into the year of the Water Tiger. The element of water indicates a need to go with the flow and to embrace any changes that may come our way. The element of water also supports following our intuition and making decisions from a place of heart-centered alignment. Rather than approaching life from a frantic state of mind, water energy allows us to sit back and take direction from the ebb and flow of the Universe. The Tiger energies will give us the courage needed to do this and will allow us to come from a place of confidence as we sit back and trust the subtler queues that life presents to us. More to come on this soon!

February 3- Mercury goes direct

Mercury stations direct after being retrograde since January 14. This is a time where we may receive clarity on issues that we have been foggy or uncertain about. If we have been facing delays, technical difficulties, or contract disputes we may start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Mercury will take some time in order to get back to its former strength, so be patient but know we can use this energy to lean into our intuition.

February 15- Venus Conjunct Mars

The two cosmic lovers align sending harmonious waves into the sky! Venus and Mars will come together in the sign of Capricorn. The joining of these two planets represents balance and is also a positive omen for romance. You can use this energy to bring both the masculine and feminine sides of your body into a state of equilibrium. This is a very harmonizing and calming energy so if you are thinking of scheduling a massage, reiki session, or some self-care practices do so on this day to double its effects! You can also use this energy to show those you love how much they mean to you. Acts of service or taking action to communicate your feelings will be favored due to the earth energy from Capricorn.

February 16- Full Moon in Leo

This Full Moon radiates optimism and enthusiasm. There is a drive here to start making the most of the year and to give our creative projects the fuel they need. This Full Moon also supports us shifting into our destiny and thinking about ways to turn our dreams into realities. Due to the cosmic energies that flow under this Moon, we may find that networking or sharing our story lead to the opportunities and connections we have been looking for. More to come on this soon!

February 17- Jupiter Sextile Uranus

This is a rare planetary configuration never to be repeated again for another 4 years! Jupiter sextile Uranus is a harmonious vibration that supports creating positive change. These changes can also be highly abundant and prosperous for us due to the influence of Jupiter. This really is a beautiful energy that can open our perspective, change our way of thinking, and get us motivated to create more abundance in our lives. Use this energy to think about how you can connect with abundance and support yourself through any changes you wish to make. As Uranus is the planet of awakening and Jupiter is moving through intuitive Pisces, this is also a power day for spiritual advancement and for getting the most out of any spiritual practices.

Feb 18/19- Sun leaves Aquarius

The Sun leaves the air sign of Aquarius, heading towards the last sign of the tropical zodiac- Pisces.


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