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Intuitive Astrology: Aries Full Moon October 2022

The Aries Full Moon on October 9 is here to heal. But, this healing doesn’t come in a neatly wrapped package, instead, this healing comes from reaching that point where there is nothing else left to do but surrender.

Reaching this point of surrender comes from the volatile, heated energy around this Full Moon. This is the kind of energy that can see us arrive at the end of our limits. This is the kind of energy that can see us reach a point where we just can’t continue the way we have been. But, as challenging as this point is, there is the healing magic of surrender on offer, and a lot of this magic comes from the asteroid Chiron, which joins forces with this Full Moon.

Chiron, coupled with the Aries lunar energy, promises healing, not from trying to fix, control, or force, but from surrender. When we surrender, it gives rise to acceptance, to letting go, to forgiveness, and opens us to the possibilities that those states can create.

Chiron is known as the wounded healer because he has learnt to find power, wisdom, and the gifts that can come from his wounds.

Chiron is not interested in “fixing” his wounds. He has accepted that some wounds just cut too deep to ever leave him. He has accepted that some wounds were perhaps just written in the stars. Instead, he has taken these wounds and used them as fuel for his own awakening.

Chiron teaches us that even though we have wounds, even though we may be broken, grief-stricken, sad, lonely, depressed, or ill, even if we have been wounded again and again, we can still lead a beautiful life.

Chiron lets us think of our wounds as secret portals into deeper understanding and compassion, higher intuition, greater knowledge, and even the potential to help heal and guide others.

At the time of the October Full Moon, Chiron will be in Aries and retrograde too, strengthening the fiery energy that we may be feeling and potentially bringing things up from the past that need to be resolved.

We may feel like we have reached the end of our limit, but if we keep moving, that limit point will inspire us to move on, forgive, or let go completely, and this in itself can bring a sort of healing or resolution.

Whenever we have strong fiery energy like this, we have to channel it into movement. We can’t just stay in the same place, we have to move.

This idea of movement may manifest as needing to dance, exercise, or go for a run. It may also manifest as simply needing to take a step in any direction to change or evolve something in our own lives. And this step is not a metaphorical one, it is a literal and intentional step to shift the energy in your life. It doesn’t need to be big, even a small step counts!

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is also highly active under this Full Moon, so we may very well see a lot of this fiery healing energy triggered by our connections with others.

If we have been wearing a mask in any of our relationships, if we have not been able to express our true selves, or if we have had a hard time setting boundaries, this may all come up under the October Full Moon.

Essentially, whatever relationships have been moving you further away from your true self rather than closer to your true self are going to be up for review.

Whatever comes up under this Full Moon, it is important to keep in mind that it’s the last Full Moon before Eclipse Season begins. This means that if something feels unresolved or if something begins unraveling, you may have to wait until next month’s Full Moon Eclipse to see how it is all going to unfold.

And finally, under this Full Moon is a perfect triangle configuration known as a Grand Trine, activated by the Sun, Saturn, and Mars. This formation of energy can bring a sense of ease. Think of it as the Universe’s way of providing rain to extinguish any fires that have grown too out of control.

As volatile as this Aries Full Moon could be, there is enough soothing, healing, and sweet energy to soften, to bring ease, and to remind us that life is meant to be both beautiful and messy.


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