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Intuitive Astrology: Aries Season 2022

Sometimes life brings us moments where we have to step up, take charge, and forge our own way forward. Sometimes life puts us in situations where no one but ourselves can save us. Sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands and become the hero of our own story.

On March 20-21st, at the same time as the Equinox, the Sun moves into the tropical zodiac of Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is known to be the leader, the way-shower, the headstrong savior that always has a way of figuring things out.

When things are bleak, when we feel alone in our struggles, it is the energy of Aries that helps us to soldier through, to know that even though we sometimes have to go at it alone, we have the power and the strength to make it through.

If you are facing such a situation in your life now, or if something in your life needs to change, Aries Season is a fantastic time to get the ball rolling and make things happen. This is even doubly true in 2022, as we have zero major planets in retrograde motion all through the Season.

Retrogrades tend to create a slow down in the cosmos as they guide us to reflect and revisit the past, but with all planets on the move forward, it is a clear sign from the Universe that it’s time for us to move forward, to leave the past behind and to think about where we are heading.

Aries is such a strong-willed, fiery sign so this is a good time for all of us, regardless of our sign, to think about how we can use some of this energy in our own lives.

Where do you need to take ownership of your own life? How can you step up and lead the way towards where you want to be?

Instead of waiting for others, waiting for opportunities, or putting our power in things outside of ourselves, Aries Season offers us the energy that allows us to take our power back and to know that we always have what it takes to find our way forward.

If you are feeling lost or uncertain, Aries energy gives us the confidence we need to take action. In fact, Aries is all about taking action, so be sure you are not just dreaming or thinking about it, but you are also acting on it. It doesn’t matter if the steps are small, often that is all it takes to get the ball rolling and to bring a new wave of clarity.

One of the defining features of Aries Season 2022, is the meeting of Jupiter and Neptune. As these planets inch closer together throughout the season, we are going to feel their energy growing stronger and stronger.

Utimately this is an energy that can inspire a new reality, a bigger creative vision, spiritual growth, and collective awakening.

As Aries Season is always a fantastic time for fresh starts, new beginnings, and taking action, this additional energy from Jupiter and Neptune will help us to dream bigger, to take creative risks, and to use our intuition or spiritual knowledge to drive our decision making.

Aries energy is also powerful for manifestation work, and with this lovely energy flowing in from Jupiter and Neptune, we may feel more inspired or find ourselves having the courage to take the actions we need to make things happen.

As the start of Aries Season also coincides with the Equinox, we can also use this energy to find balance in our lives, particularly a balance between letting go of control and gaining control. Think about what you need to release your grip on and trust, and where you need to hold the reigns and lead.

You can work with the Equinox energies specifically from March 19-21. In fact, just before the Equinox peaks the energy grid of the planet is said to align in greater harmony, allowing us to tap into the healing power of nature with greater ease.

To dive deeper into these energies, you can also get your Astrological Year 2022-2023 Horoscope Report here.

Here is a recap on some ways you can work with the Aries 2022 Season energies –

Become the leader of your own life

Start new things

Launch projects

Take back your power on a situation that is making you feel powerless

Create a manifestation board or set intentions for the months to come

Take a leap of faith or a creative risk

Take matters into your own hands

Prioritize taking action over just thinking/planning

Balance releasing control vs. taking control

Be your own hero

Find your independence

Explore your entreprenurial spirit

Lead by example


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