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Intuitive Astrology Forecast February 2022

February 2022 kicks off with a wave of fresh energy flowing in from the Aquarius New Moon. A few days following this New Moon, Mercury also stations direct giving us zero planets in retrograde for the remainder of the month. This is some strong, forward-moving energy coursing through our cosmic skies that is going to make February a month for making waves and bold choices!

If there is a project you wish to get off the ground, a challenge you wish to overcome, or an adventure you would like to take, February is the month to set those intentions and to trust that the energy of the Universe is on your side.

In fact, from mid-February to early April we have some of the most supportive cosmic energy for moving ahead, taking action, and getting things done. This will be a rare window we won’t see again for a while, so take advantage of it!

February also brings us the alignment of Venus and Mars. It is rare for these two planets to come together, but when they do, we can find greater ease when it comes to restoring the balance between our masculine or yang energy, and our feminine or yin energy. If you have been leaning more to one side this merging of Venus and Mars can help to even the flow of energy.

Think about where you wish to create some balance and harmony in your life, and then use the energies of February to make it a reality! Set intentions, nurture your desires, create new goals, and be proactive.

The Goddess Asteroids are also on the move this month with three of them shifting into new signs of the zodiac. Asteroids are a subtle energy but with a number of them making moves this month we may feel a subtle attitude shift in our own lives, especially around issues relating to love, relationships, our health, and our independence.

With the Sun also shifting into Pisces this month, it seems we are being supported to spend time connecting with the subtler, higher frequencies around us and thinking about ways to expand our spiritual connection.

February also brings the peak of the Pluto Return for the USA. It’s likely that all eyes are going to be on the US as it journeys through this pivotal astrological transit.

More key dates for February here-

Astrology for February 2022

January 31/February 1- Aquarius New Moon + Lunar New Year

February kicks off with the Aquarius New Moon. This New Moon also marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year. In Chinese Astrology, the Lunar New Year brings a shift in the Chinese Zodiac and sees us moving into the year of the Water Tiger. Under this powerful New Moon, we are inspired to bring some fresh energy into our lives. To do this, we may have to take action in order to clear the clutter of the past. How can you create space for fresh new energy and inspiration to find you?

February 1- Goddess Asteroid Juno enters Aquarius

Asteroids are a subtle energy so this is something we may not feel unless our own personal energy requires us to. Juno is the asteroid of marriage and partnership and as it moves into Aquarius our attention may turn to our relationships, particularly our romantic ones. Juno’s move into Aquarius may help us to find a greater sense of independence in our relationships or perhaps even reignite the romantic, adventurous side of the relationship. As Juno rules over marriage, this shift may also change how we think about marriage or making long-term commitments.

February 3- Mercury Direct

Mercury stations direct after being retrograde since January 14. The day Mercury stations direct is a power day on its cycle, so use this energy to think about what lessons have been stirred for you when it comes to communication, self-expression, and the contracts and commitments you have made. Mercury will take a while to return to its former strength, but from this point forward we will have zero planets in retrograde until mid-April!

February 4- Sun Conjunct Saturn

The annual meeting of the Sun and Saturn is a day for stepping up to the plate and asking ourselves- What do I need to take responsibility for in my life? We may need to practice some tough love when answering this question, but Saturn’s cosmic vibrations will be on our side. We can also breathe in these vibrations to fuel ourselves with stamina and grounding energy, both of which can help us to navigate challenging situations.

February 9- Goddess Asteroid Ceres enters Gemini

Another Goddess Asteroid is on the move this month with Ceres shifting into Gemini. Ceres represents nourishment and how we long to be nourished and cared for. It can also represent our connection to Mother Earth, the mother wound, or what we need to “mother” ourselves. With Ceres moving into Gemini, communicating, reading, and sharing our story are likely to become extra soothing. We may also have to be mindful when it comes to the type of content we are taking in and where we are choosing to get our information from. Ceres in Gemini is a subtle energy, but also a good time to think about a media detox.

The energy of Ceres can also be summed up beautifully by this quote from Thich Nhat Hanh-

“You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment. In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication wit the Earth, which is the highest form of prayer.”

February 14- Goddess Asteroid Pallas Enters Aries

Pallas represents independence, wisdom, and courageousness. As she moves into fiery Aries, we may receive a boost of confidence and self-esteem. The energy of Pallas can help us make clear and calm decisions, and to remember that we are often a lot smarter and wiser than we think! Again, Asteroid energy is subtle, but if you feel like you could use a boost and perhaps even a reminder of your strength and independence, lean into this energy. Later in March, Pallas will align with fellow asteroid, Chiron and this will be a magical combination! More to come on this soon, but if you want to work with Pallas’ energy know that more opportunities are on the way.

February 16- Leo Full Moon + Venus Conjunct Mars

This Full Moon is a shining beacon in our night sky, reminding us to find the joy, to bring play back into our lives, and to enjoy the ride. Very often we can get too focused on the end goal and lose sight of the here and the now. This Full Moon gently brings us back to the present moment and guides us to think about how we can find a little more lightness and joy in our every day. Rather than waiting for “XYZ” to occur, we can take charge of our lives and do what we can to feel how we want to feel now. This Full Moon also carries some strong energy that guides us to think about how we can level up in our lives and aim higher.

Venus and Mars coming together on this Full Moon is also a positive omen that can help us to find balance. If we have been leaning to one side, this union can help us to find our center and bring ourselves back into a state of alignment. When we are too masculine or Mars-driven, we can find ourselves being too impulsive, too rash, acting before thinking, and looking before leaping. If we are too feminine or Venus-driven, we can find ourselves in a state of pity or victim mentality, we can feel too driven by our emotions, or we may find it hard to take direct and decisive action. By becoming aware of where we may be experiencing the imbalance, we can bring ourselves back into harmony with greater ease under this Venus-Mars conjunction.

February 18/19- Pisces Season

The Sun moves into Pisces on February 18/19- depending on your timezone. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac so we are getting ready to wrap up our journey around the zodiac wheel. Pisces is a sign of spirituality, of recognizing there is no beginning and no end, and it guides us to shift into a higher consciousness. Where will you allow yourself to wander when the Sun is in Pisces?

February 22- 222 Numerology

February 22 unlocks the number code of 222. As we are also in the year 2022, we have lots of 2 energy to work with on this day! The number 2 represents duality and our relationship between our inner world and our outer world. The two are always working in sync with one another. Usually, when we align our inner world, our outer world responds in turn.

February Blessings to you!


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