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Intuitive Astrology Forecast for April 2022

The cosmic energies of April remind me of this quote by Rumi- “If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?” April brings some irritations, but ultimately holds the potential to have us all shining like diamonds!

The two big cosmic events of the month that dominate the airways include the alignment of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces and the Taurus Solar New Moon Eclipse.

While the alignment of Jupiter and Neptune peaks on April 12, this is an energy that will be felt building all through the month. This energy has the power to kickstart a new creative wave that is likely to bring innovation to the entertainment, music, and art industries.

The meeting of Jupiter and Neptune also signifies a collective awakening that helps to shift the entire consciousness of the planet. This is incredible, once-in-a-lifetime energy that can really help all of us to level up in our awareness and bring more love, light, and healing to the planet.

The Libra Full Moon midway through the month brings some charged energy which leads us into the transformative energies of Eclipse Season.

While this Full Moon may bring some heated, tense energy to the surface, the Solar Eclipse that follows promises a silver lining. It seems that this Eclipse will open the door to some bright opportunities that we may not have seen coming. Its energy feels like a candle, shining a light on anything that has felt dark or heavy.

Pluto also enters retrograde at the end of the month, ending our spell of having zero planets in retrograde. While this is a subtle energy, be sure to use the forward-moving momentum that the first part of the month has to offer by crossing things off your to-do list, and being proactive when it comes to bringing your dreams to life.

Let’s take a deeper look into the key astrological transits for April 2022-

April Astrology 2022

April 1- Sun Conjunct Chiron in Aries

The annual meeting of the Sun and Chiron is a day where we can take our healing journey to the next level. If you are in the midst of a healing journey, this energy can help to facilitate the process, bringing a softening and deeper awareness. Chiron energy also supports us using our wounds as portals of wisdom, so there are opportunities here to extract new wisdom and insights from our wounds so we can use them to transcend and help others.

April 4-6 Mars Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

Mars and Saturn joining together can bring some harsh truths to the surface. This is a time when we cannot ignore our responsibilities. If we have been dragging our feet on something, slacking off, or being indecisive, we may find ourselves needing to take quick action at this time. Mars and Saturn can also create some volatile energies, bringing things to a head so we have to deal with them once and for all.

April 12- The Jupiter and Neptune Conjunction in Pisces

This is the big cosmic event of the month and of the year! The meeting of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces carries many layers. On higher levels, it indicates spiritual awakening, creative inspirations, and the ability to change the way we perceive reality, allowing us to shift to higher levels of awareness and consciousness. Jupiter and Neptune can trigger spiritual growth and new spiritual visions, but it can also create a disconnect from reality, and the tendency to escape using unhealthy coping mechanisms. Jupiter and Neptune can also have an influence on water, we may notice flooding or water supply issues. Water is also symbolic of emotions, so Jupiter and Neptune have the potential to trigger a lot of tears too.

April 14- Sun Conjunct Eris in Aries

Eris is a dwarf planet known as the Goddess of Discord and Strife. This is one of the moments in the month where we are definitely being polished. Keep that in mind if things come to irritate you, or if you feel annoyed by whatever is going on in your life. To work with this energy, stay grounded and know that you don’t have to stay in what is uncomfortable. Work to create harmonious energy in your life by being present and staying in alignment.

April 16- Libra Full Moon

The Full Moon energies stir some tension, but know that the Universe is sending waves of support that allow us to let go, release control, and do away with things that we no longer wish to carry. If there is something bubbling to the surface in your life, allow the illuminating energies of the Full Moon to do their work. In the coming days, as the tensions settle and you can see things with greater clarity, you will know how to proceed forward. To work through all of this energy, stay grounded and try to use the Libra energies to create a balance between responding and showing up, and setting boundaries and protecting your energy.

April 19- Taurus Season Begins

Out of fiery Aries Season and into earthy Taurus season we go. When we shift from Aries to Taurus, we are able to take all the seeds of inspiration that we planted under the Aries Sun, and now begin caring for them, nurturing them, and helping them to grow. Taurus Season supports us creating a routine, being methodical in our work, and lots of self-care! Make time for pleasure in your life.

April 28- Venus Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Venus, the Goddess of Love aligns with Neptune in Pisces. This typically happens once a year and is a beautiful energy for romance, creativity, and spiritual growth. Use this energy for self-care, to spend with a loved one, and to recharge by the water.

April 29- Pluto Retrograde Begins in Capricorn

Pluto enters retrograde, ending our spell of having no major planets in retrograde. Pluto retrograde is a subtle energy, but gets us to reflect on how we are choosing to give away or hold on to our power. Under this Pluto retrograde, we are invited to look back over the period from October 2021 to now and how we have been called to step into a new power in our lives. If we have not stepped up enough, we may find ourselves forced to make that leap. Pluto also rules over the cycles of death and rebirth, so use this energy to reflect on how you have grown and all the little deaths and rebirths that have unfolded in your life since this time.

April 30- Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse + Venus Conjunct Jupiter in Pisces

The first Eclipse of 2022 falls in the sign of Taurus. At the same time as this Eclipse, Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, aligns with Jupiter. This is a positive omen and indicates bright new opportunities and silver linings! If the month has been challenging, this Eclipse energy offers a ray of sunshine. Eclipses can be viewed as portals that help us accelerate into the next chapter of our soul evolution. Under this Eclipse, new doors may open and we may find ourselves being presented with opportunities we never dreamed were possible. This is a power day for manifestation work, but to also trust and stay open to whatever the Universe has in store. Keep your vibration high, and allow the Universe to respond in kind.


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