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Intuitive Astrology: Gemini New Moon May 2022

On May 30, 2022, the Gemini New Moon closes the Eclipse Portal, bringing an end to Eclipse Season.

Eclipse season is always a highly transformative time. Beginning back in April 2022, this set of Eclipses likely brought change, transformation, and new information to work with.

Whatever manifested, Eclipses always put us where we need to be – even if it doesn’t quite feel like it at first! They are known for bringing fated events and situations that are designed to boost our level of consciousness, often quite quickly!

No matter where we stand after these Eclipses, the Gemini New Moon will be like a gentle hand, guiding us to digest all the energies that have come our way.

The first New Moon after Eclipse Season is always an important one, as it brings a dose of fresh energy and fresh perspective, allowing us to integrate all that has unfolded, and feel more confident when it comes to taking our next steps forward.

While this fresh energy from the Gemini New Moon will be welcomed, there is some mentally foggy energy stirring at this time, cautioning us to move slowly and be patient. While we may feel some ease as we settle on new ground, the Universe is asking us to take it easy.

This mentally foggy energy partially comes from Mercury, which is the ruling planet of Gemini, and is currently in retrograde. As Gemini’s ruler, Mercury takes on an even greater influence under this New Moon.

In the days surrounding the New Moon, give yourself permission to take your time and not rush into any decisions with haste. The Universe is slowing things down so you can take your time, so you can catch your breath, and make the best decision moving forward.

If the mentally foggy energy rolling in under this New Moon starts to feel uncomfortable, focus on clearing your mind, removing obsessive or repetitive thinking, and bringing your awareness to the present. Try to keep your mind clear of clutter, and it will be easier to navigate some of this foggy energy.

Mercury is set to leave retrograde on June 3, and although it will need some time to return to its former strength and speed, things should start feeling clearer in the weeks that follow.

Under the Gemini New Moon, there is also a softer, more gentle energy floating by which is worth tapping into, and that is the energy of Chariklo.

Chariklo is known as the asteroid of Spirit Medicine. It represents returning to the earth for spiritual healing and remembering that we are an intrinsic part of life on this planet.

Chariklo is a very gentle energy that can help to facilitate and bring ease to any healing journeys we have been on. It reminds us to turn to nature for support and assistance, whether this is simply taking a walk in the park or sourcing herbal teas and tinctures that support our body.

Chariklo also helps us to heal on a spiritual level, reminding us of the power that comes when we nurture not just our body, but also our soul.

Being a Gemini New Moon, this energy feels quite fitting as Gemini is represented by the twins. One twin is mortal, and the other is immortal, reminding us of these two sides of our being.

We all have a body, and we all have a soul, and it is often when they are working together that we feel our best.

Bringing harmony to our body and soul is an energy current that this Gemini New Moon can help us with.

If you want to bring more harmony between these two sides of your being, write down what your human side feels and what your soul side feels, and then set an intention to bring healing and unison to both of these sides. Trust that the Universe will help you build a bridge that both your human and soul side can walk towards.

Another sweet, yet subtle energy that surrounds this Gemini New Moon is Aldebaran, a Royal Star that has been highly revered by many ancient cultures around the world. At this time of this New Moon, both the Sun and Moon will be conjunct Aldebaran.

Aldebaran carries the energy of success, honor, and rewards, giving this New Moon a lucky glow. Aldebaran is also believed to be home to the Silver Gate Portal.

After the heavy energies of Eclipse Season, the Gemini New Moon will feel much quieter and should bring a softening.

While this New Moon won’t bring total clarity, it does remind us to be patient, to move slowly, and to focus on the gentler and more subtle aspects of our healing journey.

If life is still feeling hectic after the Eclipse transformations, know that this New Moon brings a reminder that it is ok to take your time to process, digest, and reflect.

Don’t feel like you need to get swept up in any frantic or quick-paced energy, instead put the brakes on, take a few steps back, and give yourself plenty of time and space.

Extra self-care under this New Moon could also involve embracing herbal remedies and teas. Sip on some chamomile, spray your pillow with lavender, and just keep things gentle, quiet, and soft.


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