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Intuitive Astrology: June Solstice 2023

June 21st marks the Solstice, a time when the Sun ‘stands still’ and the seasons change.

The Solstice also brings the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, where we are encouraged to celebrate the light, and the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere, where we enter the dark night of the soul.

No matter which part of the world you live in, the Solstice is a highly sensitive day when we can feel more in tune with the energies around us.

It is also believed that on the Solstice, the veil between this world and higher dimensions is at its thinnest, allowing us to tap into galactic energies and angelic realms with greater ease.

The June Solstice also marks the Sun’s move into the watery, nurturing, and sensitive sign of Cancer.

In 2023, at the time of the Solstice, we also have this lineup of sacred Goddess energy in the Sun-charged zodiac of Leo, with the Moon, Venus, and Black Moon Lilith all within a few degrees of each other. This lineup of Goddess energy is also meeting with the planet Mars, which is in Leo too.

All of this strong feminine energy, coupled with Mars, creates a forcefield that enhances our intuition and strengthens our emotional intelligence. This energy can also be highly nourishing, encouraging us to stand up for ourselves, honor how we are feeling, and stay confident and strong in who we are.

Below you will find forecasts and rituals for both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Solstice Blessings, to you!

The Celebration of Light- Northern Hemisphere

The June Solstice is the start of Summer, the season of the light! This is a time to put yourself out there, to remove your cloak of fears, and to allow yourself to shine!

No more holding yourself back, no more playing small. The time has come for you to leap forward and celebrate the work you have achieved throughout the year.

Life isn’t always sunny, but the Universe brings the longest day of the year to remind us that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Even though things may feel dark, this state is temporary. There is always a way to find the light again, no matter how dark or how deep the tragedy.

The light will shine again and remind us of the beauty and bounty that life has to offer.

When the Sun shines bright, we can also feel a ray of clarity move through our lives. We realize what is important and what we truly want to spend our time focusing on.

What motivates and drives us can be up for review at this time, for under the summer Cancer Sun, we are being guided to align our motivations with our highest truth and the calling of our soul.

At this time, we are guided to think about what fuels our Spirit and recharges our Soul. And we are also being given opportunities by the Universe to do just that using the power of the Sun.

As the Sun shines bright on the longest day, be sure to spend time outside in nature. Swim in her oceans, bathe in her forests, hike through her wildflowers, and connect with the energy of creation.

Feel the warmth of the Sun lighting your being and know that just like all of nature, the Sun’s rays can transform you, nourish you, and help inspire creation.

Celebrating the Light Ritual

For your ritual, go outside and sit somewhere comfortable and shady. Take a journal and a pen with you.

As you sit, become present and observe all you see around you. If it helps, identify five things that stand out to you. Just pause as you witness each of these things.

Once you have allowed this presence to enter, take your pen and paper and begin drawing or writing. Allow your own creative juices to flow without censoring or limiting yourself.

Then, once you feel your creative juices settle, close your eyes, place your hand on your heart and set an intention for yourself, for others, for the planet, and for the Universe.

The celebration of the light is a time to celebrate all that you are. It’s a time to put yourself out there and allow your true self to shine.

Be bold, daring, and creative on this day. Do something new, try something different, and remember that the light always lives within you.

The Dark Night of the Soul- Southern Hemisphere

On June 21st, we experience the shortest day and longest night of the year. The increased hours of darkness guide us to enter into the dark night of the soul, a time of retreat where we can go within and hear the subtler stirrings of our being.

Sometimes it is only in the darkness that we can truly feel comfortable to be ourselves. When the spotlight of the Sun shines down on us, we can feel exposed; we can feel that we have to act or be a certain way.

When the lights are turned off, when it is just us, alone with our thoughts at midnight, that is when we can truly dive deep into our core and come face to face with a new truth of who we are.

It is not that we have to shame who we are under the bright light of the Sun. For this is a part of us too. But if we stay there too long, we tend to get disconnected, which is why the Universe calls in the longest night of the year.

At this time, it is an opportunity for us all to enter into the darkness. To move away from the spotlight and instead sit with ourselves and our own truth.

We don’t need to explain this truth to anyone or be able to wrap it up with a pretty bow. We don’t need to identify our feelings or even write them down in order to be analyzed. We just have to sit with them and allow them to be.

In the darkness, our thoughts don’t matter. It is our feelings that can truly shine. It is our emotional voice that gets a chance to speak, and we have to allow it to be heard.

We need to forget the labels and the judgments of the mind, and instead, allow ourselves to feel with the power of the heart.

When we sit in the darkness, and just allow ourselves to be, what feelings emerge? What discomfort grows? What happens when we just allow ourselves to be?

This is what the dark night of the soul calls us to surrender to. This is what we are encouraged to practice. We need to stop talking, and start listening.

We need to find the stillness, for when we do, we can step into a new power and a new truth of who we really are.

Dark Night of the Soul Ritual

Your ritual for this night is to sit in the darkness. Turn off the lights and just allow yourself to sit in a dark room. See if you can keep your eyes open and just observe how you feel when sitting in the dark.

Practice getting comfortable just sitting in your body. Breathe. If any thoughts float in, allow them to pass without engaging with them.

You may only be able to do this for a few minutes, but see if you can push past any angst or restlessness that comes up.

After sitting in the darkness, take a relaxing bath. Fill the tub with soothing oils and salts, and just allow yourself to cleanse away any feelings or thoughts that you no longer wish to carry.

The dark night of the soul is a time for rest and contemplation. Be gentle with yourself, and spend time getting to know who you really are away from the spotlight of the world.


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