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Intuitive Astrology: Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio 2022-2023

The Lunar Nodes are a mathematical point between the Sun and the Moon. The Nodes rest along an axis giving us a North Node and a South Node.

The North Node represents our destiny and what we are working towards and the South Node represents our past and the foundation we are building upon.

While the Nodes in our own natal chart can carry personal meaning, the position of the Nodes can also indicate our collective karma and the lessons we are working through on a global level.

On January 19, 2022, the Lunar Nodes shift into the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, where they will remain for approximately 18 months. The North Node will be in Taurus and the South Node will be in Scorpio. This shift of the nodes indicates a new collective karmic lesson that will unfold.

The Lunar Nodes and the Eclipses are also linked, which means that on each Solar and Lunar Eclipse over the next 18 months, more of the collective karmic lessons we are working with will be revealed.

The North Node in Taurus

The North Node in Taurus indicates the energy we are striving to cultivate in our lives. Taurus is an earth sign that is represented by the steady and grounded Bull. The Bull is happy roaming in its paddock and providing nourishment to the soil. The Bull is steady, confident, and has nothing to prove.

When the North Node moves into Taurus we are encouraged to embrace these steady and grounded qualities in our own lives. The Bull diligently tends to the grass around it, making the best of wherever it finds itself. The Bull is not looking to change, it is simply looking to make the most of wherever it has landed. In fact, change is not something that comes easy to the Bull, it likes predictability and knowing what comes next.

Under this energy, we are encouraged to bring more structure and stability into our own lives. We are encouraged to be methodical in our approach and to make the best of what is before us.

On a collective level, the North Node moving into Taurus indicates that it’s time to make peace with the situations that have unfolded over the last few years. There is no going back to the way things were, at least not for now, and we have to strive to make the best of where we are.

It is time to work with the changes that have unfolded so we can feel more grounded and stable. Through working with these changes and making the most of them we may also find new ways to flourish.

Taurus is very much about abundance, so connecting with the abundance around us, despite what may be happening in our lives and in the world, is going to be a power move.

How can you tap into the abundance of opportunities around you, even if things look different or are not how they used to be?

Taurus is ruled by Venus, especially the qualities of Venus that relate to our feelings of self-worth. Under this energy, we will be guided to connect with our feelings of worth and how our relationship with our worth dictates some of the choices and actions we are making.

Feelings of self-worth are not just about our self-esteem but also about what we choose to give our time to, what we choose to tolerate, what boundaries we choose to set, and our feelings of security. Connecting with our self-worth runs deep and can often be at the root of why we make certain decisions.

With the North Node in Taurus, use this energy to become more deliberate about your actions. How can you live from a place of conscious intent rather than just falling back into old habits?

The energy of Taurus also rules over planet Earth so topics relating to the environment, sustainability, and the conditions of the planet may also come into close view during this transit.

There is hope that under this Nodal placement we will see some positive changes to how we treat the planet and the choices we make for its future.

Financial industries are also ruled by Taurus, so we may notice themes around this in the public arena. There is a good chance with the North Node in Taurus that our attitudes around money or the value of money may change.

On a personal level, you may notice themes around this Nodal placement activated on the following Eclipses-

November 19, 2021- Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

April 30, 2022- Solar Eclipse in Taurus

November 8, 2022- Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

October 28, 2023- Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

At these points, think about how you are being guided to work on your feelings of self-worth and security, and your relationship with abundance. Think about how you are being guided to work with what is before you and create more stability and structure in your life.

The South Node in Scorpio

It is easy to dismiss the energies of the South Node as it represents the past and what we are moving away from, however, there is much to be said for working with the energies of the South Node.

The South Node is not just about the past, it represents what we have mastered and what we have to remember in order to fully accept and integrate our destiny. While the North Node is where we are heading, the South Node represents what we can’t forget and what we have to honor in order to achieve this next step of our destiny.

The South Node in Scorpio invites us to honor the ways that we have changed and the changes that have unfolded in our lives. It asks us to take these changes and to think about how we can now make them work for us.

We have to bring peace to all that has changed and all that has transformed and to recognize that it is simply part of the ebb and flow of life. By bringing peace to the changes that have unfolded, it can help us to find the structure and stability we need in order to move forward.

Under the South Node in Scorpio energies, we may also see a shift in power take place. Scorpio’s ruling planet is Pluto, the planet of power, and Pluto has been very active these last few years especially in areas relating to government and big business.

We may see issues in these areas continue to arise and we may even notice shifts in regards to the level of power they have over us and the way we choose to live our lives.

The USA is also having its Pluto Return activated in 2022, so it will be interesting to see what manifests under this energy and how the shift in power unfolds.

On a personal level, we may notice themes around this Nodal placement activated on the following Eclipses –

May 15, 2022- Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

October 25, 2022- Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

May 5, 2023- Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

At these points, think about how you are being guided to bring acceptance to the changes that have occurred and to find power and strength from the changes you have moved through. What have the changes of the past taught you and how you can make them work for you with where you stand today?

The North Node Aligns with Uranus in Taurus

One of the interesting things about the North Node moving into Taurus is that the planet Uranus is also in Taurus. In July 2022, the North Node and Uranus will align, bringing some unstable energy but also some big awakening moments.

It will be interesting to see exactly how this manifests, but we may see a push-pull when it comes to making changes and allowing things to stay the same. This combination of energy may also instigate erratic weather patterns and create a general feeling of scattered energy in the cosmic skies.

Stay tuned for more on this rare transit!

North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio Predictions

A deeper discovery of our own values and what is truly worthwhile to us

A deeper discovery of our own self worth

A need to create feelings of power and autonomy over our own lives

More sustainable solutions for the planet

Environmental disasters where sustainability has not been maintained

Changes to the financial industry

Mainstream acceptance of digital currencies/ changes to what we deem as “valuable”

Creating a deeper sense of security/ issues relating to national security

Changes in the level of power when it comes to big business/corporations/government

Changes in what brings us comfort/feelings of wealth.


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