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Intuitive Astrology: Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026

On March 7, 2023, Saturn will make its move from Aquarius into Pisces where it will remain until February 14, 2026.

Saturn Completes a Karmic Cycle in Aquarius

Saturn first moved into Aquarius back on December 2020, under a fated alignment known as the Great Conjunction. This rare alignment paved the way for the unfolding of Saturn in Aquarius energy.

Now that we are at the end of this cycle, think back to the themes, patterns, or lessons that have been unfolding in your life since December 2020. Where have you had to set boundaries? Where have you had to step up and take responsibility for things in your life? Where have you felt held back?

These are all things the energy of Saturn can inspire in an effort to connect us deeper with what we really want and what we need to take responsibility for.

Saturn can be compared to a strict teacher or a master teacher. Even though it can bring harsh lessons, it pushes us to bring out our fullest potential. When Saturn is done with us, we are left feeling wiser, more mature, and more aligned with where we want to be.

Saturn is also known as the Lord of Karma, and as it travels through each sign of the zodiac, it ensures that all of our karmic checks and balances are paid.

Now, with Saturn on the move, we are going to feel a shift. All of the old Saturn in Aquarius lessons will reach their climax point, helping us to find closure and wrap up any loose ends.

Before Saturn leaves Aquarius, it will also be sure to deliver all of our karmic rewards! In fact, ancient astrologers believed that when Saturn exits a zodiac sign, it always leaves a gift to remind and reward us for all the hard work we have been doing.

So, as Saturn gets ready to begin a new cycle in Pisces, look out for your gifts from the Universe! Stay open to what comes your way, and see if you can honor any hard lessons and who you are today because of them.

Saturn moving into Pisces Saturn will move into Pisces on March 7-8, 2023 depending on your timezone. The location of Saturn on the zodiac wheel indicates where as a society we are being forced to gain a reality check and step up and take greater responsibility.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, so Saturn’s move here also indicates an ending or a completion point to a bigger cycle.

In a way, you could think of Saturn’s move into Pisces like a collective Saturn Return, where we are all processing and moving through the karmic lessons and gifts of Saturn as it has toured through the entire zodiac.

Pisces is a water sign that represents the light, the dark, and the unseen worlds. It is known for its abstract ideas, creativity, compassion, and going with the flow. Pisces is mutable water, which means its adaptable, free-flowing, and open to the energies of the world around it.

Saturn is a very grounded, earthy energy. It rules over things like the law, boundaries, responsibilities, and restrictions. Saturn’s energy can sometimes feel like a wake-up call, bringing us back down to reality and making us face up to the consequences of our actions and the actions of the collective.

Saturn’s presence in Pisces could feel a little heavy because of this. This normally watery, intuitive, and sensitive Piscean energy will be forced to get a little more rigid, a little more grounded, and a little more reserved.

You can think of it this way – if Pisces is smooth-flowing water, Saturn’s presence is going to build dams. These dams can direct the water in a productive and more beneficial direction, but it can also feel more stifling or controlling too.

However, there is a way to create a balance between these two energies. The creative, intangible, out-there ideas of Piscean energy can gain some roots in reality thanks to Saturn. This can allow us to take those creative, even spiritual ideas and actually bring them to life in this 3D world.

If Pisces energy is like a piece of music, Saturn’s presence can help us to write down the musical notes so the piece of music can go from a tune that lives only in our heads to something that can be played, listened to, and available forever more.

Saturn in Pisces in the Real World If you work in a creative, inventive, or spiritual field, Saturn’s presence can help you to take all of your ideas and give them roots so you can build something with them.

Saturn has a very grounded, practical energy, so couple this with the creativity from Pisces, and there is a balance that can be achieved here to help you take your creative ideas and birth them to life or even turn them into a business.

Pisces is also connected to religion and spirituality, so with Saturn here, there could be a lot of themes around religion and spirituality and how it is connected to laws and the rules that govern society.

The spiritual and wellness industry may also get a wake-up call under this energy, or personally, you may find your own attitudes and beliefs about your spiritual or religious connection shifting and changing.

As the last sign of the zodiac, there is a little bit of all the 12 signs in Pisces. These little seeds of energy will hit us at different times through the coming years but whenever Saturn is involved, it’s always a good idea to come back to responsibility.

How can you take responsibility for the life you are choosing, for your actions, for your words, for the energy you put out into the world?

Saturn wants us to step up and take responsibility for our lives and to act in accordance with our true, authentic selves.

Saturn can impose boundaries and restrictions making us feel stuck or stifled, but this is only so we can take the time to figure out what we truly want and what we are truly willing to stand up for.

Saturn in Pisces Themes: With Saturn in Pisces, we may notice the following themes:

Revisiting the traditions or religion of our ancestors Desire to understand our lineage Feeling creatively stuck or held back while we rework our creativity Feeling spiritually stuck or held back while we rework our spiritual connection A push-pull between structure vs. going with the flow A greater sense of grounding and structure to our creative and spiritual ideas A desire to care for and show compassion to our fellow humans Greater emphasis on the well-being of others Increasing sensitivity to our higher senses Issues around laws vs. religion Religious issues in general A need to rebalance how we give and receive compassion

Charting your Own Saturn in Pisces Cycle The last time Saturn moved through Pisces was from 1994-1996, so if you can remember that far back, think about what themes were coming up for you during this time. It’s not that the exact same thing will happen again, but you may notice similar themes or lessons being advanced upon.

If you know your birth chart, you can also look to see which house is ruled by Pisces for an understanding as to what areas of your life Saturn will be affecting you.

If you are not sure of your birth chart, don’t worry you can also pay attention to what themes or events come up for you around March 7-8. You may also get some insights into what Saturn in Pisces will bring under the Pisces New Moon on February 19.

Whatever issues Saturn in Pisces brings, you can expect that an area of your life will be challenged. While there will be a lot of learning to do, you will come out the other side wiser, more mature, and more integrated with your soul path.

Journal Prompts for Saturn in Pisces What does my spirituality really mean to me? How can I take responsibility for my creative visions? What are some tangible things I can do to turn my dreams into reality? I can better understand myself by… My true thoughts and feelings around this situation are… When I get still, my intuition shares… Religion makes me feel… I can better express my compassionate side by…

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