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Intuitive Astrology: Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse May 2023

The Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse arrives on May 5th, 2023. This is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse where the Full Moon enters the penumbra of Earth, slightly dimming its luminosity. While it is not as strong as a Total or Partial Lunar Eclipse, the effects of the Penumbral Eclipse magnify the Full Moon energies, making them extra intense.

Full Moon Eclipses, even penumbral ones, can bring endings, closure, and transformative events that shift us from one state of consciousness to the next. Sudden change can happen, allowing us to release the past and shift our lives in a new direction.

One thing that stands out under this May 2023 Lunar Eclipse is some of the magic symbolism and synchronicities behind it. Let’s take a deeper look into what messages this Eclipse has for us, what we can expect, and how we can work in harmony with these cosmic vibrations-

The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse and the Magic of Number 5

The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse falls on the 5th day of the 5th month at 14 degrees of Scorpio. 14 is also connected to the number 5 (1+4), making the number 5 energies apparent and strong.

What is also interesting is the Sabian Symbol correlated with 14 degrees of Scorpio is – “Children Playing with 5 Mounds of Sand.” Sabian Symbols are clairvoyant images downloaded by psychic medium, Elsie Wheeler for each degree of the zodiac. Astrologers have worked with these images since the 1920s, using them to bring added meaning to cosmic events.

Once again, the number 5 returns in the Sabian Symbol of this Eclipse, perhaps eluding that this is an energy we should welcome, embrace, and use to navigate these energies.

5 is a number of change, creativity, imagination, and play. 5 is also connected to the elements- earth, air, fire, water, and ether. In astrology, the 5th house is associated with the sign of Leo, love, romance, our children, and the things we do for fun.

The children playing with the five mounds of sand represent our freedom to explore and expand our higher mind. As the children play, they learn, develop, use their imagination, and integrate into the world around them. A child can be lost for hours in play, unaware of how much they are actually learning.

The Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse doesn’t feel like play. It carries heavy energies that are likely to stir our deeper emotions. We may feel things from our past or hidden shadows coming up to the surface. Challenging information or even secrets may be revealed. We may find ourselves feeling raw, exposed, and a little vulnerable.

Treating these energies as something to “play” with is not something we would naturally consider, but all of this number 5 energy seems to point us in this direction.

While the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse may stir some deeper emotions and bring endings, we can return to the number 5 as our guide. We can return to this idea of creativity and play. After all, what is our life but a series of experiences we play and practice with?

Perhaps, even through all the heaviness, even through all the painful endings or shadows that come up for us, perhaps through it all, we are being reminded of our power to play. Of our power to treat everything like a game. This is not to diminish our experiences or our hardships, or to even think that life is a game we need to outsmart, but perhaps this idea gets us thinking of things from a new lens.

See if you can find a sense of play through any heaviness that arises and any endings that may present.

How can you take a playful approach to navigate your situation? This may require us to release control, unlock our imagination, and take a more curious and game-like approach to whatever comes up.

Perhaps nothing is as serious or as heavy as our human selves make things out to be. Perhaps if we could see behind the veil, or at least allow our hearts and minds to venture there, we would find it easier not to get so fixated or stressed by life events.

Uranus and the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse: The Freedom to Play

Play requires freedom, especially the freedom to be ourselves and to think beyond what we have been told. Conveniently, or perhaps by perfect divine order, the planet associated with freedom, Uranus, is also active under this Eclipse.

Uranus is the planet of awakening, innovation, and change. It shakes things in our lives, revealing what is unstable and needs to change. Uranus’ presence under this Eclipse indicates that sudden or unexpected events may unfold. As this is a Lunar Eclipse, it’s likely to be unexpected endings.

Lunar Eclipses are always a powerful time to release things we no longer wish to hold onto. They tend to naturally bring closure to events and can sometimes remove things from our path that we didn’t realize were blocking our flow.

If something ends under this Eclipse or a past event arises for review, trust the timing and see if you can approach the situation with a child-like curiosity to navigate anything challenging that arises.

Under the Eclipse energies, see if you can find the freedom to trust, have hope, and surrender to the timing of your life. Allow whatever comes to come, and allow whatever goes to go.

Working in Harmony with the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

The May Scorpio Eclipse is connected to a series of Eclipses we have worked with since November 2021. You may notice similar themes or issues coming up since this time.

We have one more Eclipse in this cycle on October 28, 2023, which is the final chapter of these lessons.

Here are some reminders for navigating the energies of the May 2023 Scorpio Lunar Eclipse. You can also try your Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Ritual (coming soon!)

  • Invite play into your life

  • Do something just for fun

  • Keep things light-hearted

  • Approach things with curiosity

  • Find the freedom to be yourself

  • Tap into the idea of freedom so you can surrender, trust, and find hope

  • Welcome change and endings

  • Reflect on the past

  • Sit with any uncomfortable emotions

  • Dig deeper to uncover hidden shadows

  • Go with the flow – don’t be in a hurry to act

  • Know any endings will soon pave the way for new beginnings

  • Honor any points of closure that arise

  • Release things you no longer wish to hold


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