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Intuitive Astrology: Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse October 2022

Welcome to Eclipse Season!

Eclipse Season is always a highly transformative time. You can think of them as portals that fast-track you to the next chapter of your soul evolution. On this fast track, we tend to undergo abrupt transformations that can be life-changing.

All Eclipses will affect us differently, some we may feel intensely and others we may barely notice. But if there is a big soul upgrade that is needed in your life, if you have been nearing the end of a journey or looking for a leaping stone to take you to a new one, Eclipses very often bring the bridge you have been waiting for.

Eclipse Season typically brings two Eclipses that work together in tandem. While Eclipses have a peak date, their energy is so potent that we tend to feel them up to a month before and a month after.

In this final Eclipse Season for 2022, we have two Eclipses, a Solar New Moon Eclipse on October 25 and a Total Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse on November 8. These Eclipses are working in connection with the Eclipses we had earlier in the year back in April and May. We may notice themes returning from this time, or more of the story may unfold.

While this article will focus on the first Eclipse in the series, the Solar New Moon Eclipse, it feels a bit tricky to separate its energy from the November Blood Moon Eclipse. The Blood Moon is far more intense and may drown out some of the softer energies this October Solar Eclipse is bringing.

Falling in the sign of Scorpio, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is a partial Eclipse and a gentle opener to the Eclipse Season energies.

Solar Eclipses, which always fall on New Moons are portals of new beginnings. They open doors and can form new energetic pathways that we get to travel down. Their energy is fresh, even inviting, and can remind us of what our soul came here to achieve.

Under a New Moon Solar Eclipse, we can start feeling inspired or perhaps keen to plant new seeds and begin a new chapter in our lives.

As this Solar Eclipse falls in the sign of Scorpio, we may find ourselves connecting to a higher level of our soul, understanding ourselves on a deeper level, and peeling back some layers to really reveal a new truth.

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and heart expansion is very active under this Solar Eclipse, sending harmonious vibrations into the cosmic skies.

With Venus very active at this time, we can use this Solar Eclipse energy to expand our hearts, the giving and receiving of love in our lives, and to think about what we truly value. We may find it easier to love, easier to give, or easier to focus on what is truly important to us.

Under this heart-expansion energy, we may even gain the clarity that is needed to help navigate any challenges in our relationships. We may decide that our heart no longer wants to be involved in a certain dynamic, or we may find that our heart is ready to open and move into that next chapter.

Relationships often involve work, and under this Solar Eclipse energy, you may have the intuitive understanding of whether you want to stay in the work, change how you are approaching the work, or release the work altogether.

While the decision you make must come from your own heart, know there is cosmic support on your side if you wish to break through some walls and barriers so you can travel deeper into the work.

As Venus and Goddess energy are so strong at this time, you may also notice yourself embracing more of this dynamic in your own life. Embodying feminine energy helps us to feel beautiful in our own skin, helps us to nourish our creativity, and activates our natural abilities to show compassion.

This activation of feminine energy under the influence of the Scorpio Moon can also help to activate our sexual energy, stand up for what feels right in our hearts, and embrace the wisdom of Mother Nature.

We may also feel any repressed feminine energy rising up, longing to be heard, felt, and expressed.

The Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse may also have us thinking about how important our connections with others are and the importance of building and being part of a community.

If you have felt isolated, especially since the pandemic, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is the perfect time to plant seeds for attracting a like-minded, supportive, and loving community.

Any efforts you take under this Eclipse to expand your heart, grow your community, and align more of your values will be tripled under this energy, so use it to your advantage!

It is worthwhile noting that while you can absolutely set intentions on a New Moon if it feels aligned, we generally don’t need to expend much effort to do so.

Eclipses carry their own power that helps to create, move, and shift us to wherever we need to be, so we can use this opportunity to sit back, go with the flow, and trust in whatever the Universe needs to bring our way.

The rise of feminine energy around this Eclipse may also naturally help us to sit back, accept, and trust wherever we are being led. Sometimes the most powerful changes can come when we first accept the way things are. This acceptance can then births new ideas, new inspiration, and new ways of being.

Following this New Moon Eclipse, we will continue making our way through the Eclipse portal till we arrive at the Blood Moon Eclipse.

The Blood Moon Eclipse is incredibly potent, so this is an energy we are likely to feel in conjunction with this New Moon Eclipse energy.

Blood Moon Eclipses can bring transformative endings and may see us wrapping things up from back in April and May, which was when we had the last set of Eclipses.

Stay open to what comes in and use this time to recharge, protect, and nourish your body, mind, and soul. Keep things gentle, and focus your attention on this beautiful Venus energy, which is helping to expand our hearts.


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