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Intuitive Astrology: The Four Royal Stars

Our night sky is scattered with an endless number of stars, but there are four stars that seem to have captured the attention of ancient astrologers. These stars are known as the Royal Stars and include Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares, and Fomalhaut.

From many corners of the globe, these stars seem to hold extra importance and divine significance. It seems that our ancient ancestors were clued into the magic and mysteries that these stars possess. It is even very likely that this knowledge was delivered to them by the star beings themselves. The Royal Stars are said to be the guardians of the night sky, and gateways to higher realms of consciousness. Each of these fixed stars rests in a corner of our night sky, creating an almost perfect square or perhaps, mapping out an energetic portal.

These Royal Stars hold incredibly powerful vibrations and are considered very fortunate and lucky if they are active in your personal birth chart or in our cosmic skies, however, as with all things powerful, they come with great responsibility.

Whenever the Sun, Moon, or a planet in our solar system comes within one to two degrees of these stars, we are able to tap into their wisdom and insights with greater ease.

Aldebaran- 9 degrees of Gemini Active May 29-31

Aldebaran is the guardian of the eastern sky and is said to be the leader of all stars. Aldebaran is one of the brightest stars in our night sky.

According to Shamanic Astrology, Aldebaran is home to the Silver Gate, a portal where souls travel as they descend to Earth. Working with the energy of Aldebaran is believed to help facilitate the transformation of our minds into higher levels of consciousness and enlightenment.

When Aldebaran is activated, it can help us to sharpen our minds and unlock a deeper wisdom and higher truth. It can enhance our intelligence, allowing us to innovate, solve complex problems, and see the world from a higher viewpoint.

While the energy of this Royal Star can be a tonic for our mind and mental health, it can also have the opposite effect too. If we are unconscious of how we use this energy, we can find ourselves with an overactive mind that creates unrest and anxiety. The intelligence that Aldebaran unlocks can also be used to manipulate, outsmart, or overpower others. In time, this can lead to our own mental destruction.

Aldebaran is active in your birth chart if you have the Sun, Moon, any planets, your Rising Sign, or Midheaven within 1-2 degrees of 9 degrees of Gemini. For all of us, the energy of Aldebaran is most active when it aligns with the Sun, which happens each year from May 29th-31st. Work with the energies of Aldebaran on these days by clearing your mind, getting your thoughts out on paper, learning something new, using your thoughts for abundant thinking rather than self-limiting behavior, and meditating on the power of your mind.

Regulus- 0 degrees of Virgo Active August 22-25

Regulus is the guardian of the northern sky and is known as the heart of the lion. Its energy is most active as we cross from Leo Season into Virgo Season.

The heart of the lion is courageous, bold, and passionate. Its actions are always honorable and noble. Regulus is the star connected to Kings, Queens, and leaders. In ancient astrology, whenever Regulus was active in the night sky, it was seen as an omen for royal families. On a deeper level however, Regulus is connected to the Crown Chakra (not just to those who wear crowns!)

As the guardian of the north, Regulus helps us to activate our Crown Chakra, which is our gateway to our higher self and the rest of our lower chakras.

When our Crown Chakra is in balance, the rest of our energy centers flow with ease. A strong Crown Chakra also gives us the awareness that we are part of something bigger than just ourselves. Our Crown Chakra can also connect us to the divinity that flows within and all around us.

When Regulus is active in our birth chart, or in the night sky, we can use this energy to facilitate our spiritual growth, follow our passions, and make bold and courageous decisions.

If you are born with Regulus within 1-2 degrees of your Sun, Moon, any planets, or your Rising or Midheaven, you are likely to be a born leader. When you follow your passions and lead with your heart, it can lead to great fame, rewards, and success.

As Regulus is aligned with the heart, when you are not following your heart, when you allow your ego to dominate, or when you go against your passions, it can lead to struggles or health issues. When its energy is used in an unconscious way, your ego can easily become inflated, activating feelings that you are above the law, and deserve special treatment or recognition. Staying on this path can lead to a fall from grace.

If you have Regulus strong in your personal birth chart, part of your lesson here is to learn to lead from the heart, and not your ego. We can all connect with the powerful energies of Regulus when it meets with the Sun from August 22nd-25th. Use the energy of these days to connect with your Crown Chakra, and activate your life force energy. You can also use this energy to connect with your heart and the truth, compassion, and wisdom that is found there.

Regulus is also considered the star of forgiveness, so you can also use this energy to forgive yourself and others.

Antares- 9 degrees of Sagittarius Active December 2-4 Antares is the guardian of the western sky and is one of the brightest stars we can see with the naked eye. It lies directly opposite Aldebaran, creating a powerful axis.

If Aldebaran in Gemini is connected to our mental body, Antares in Sagittarius is connected to our emotional body. When the Sun crosses this axis between Aldebaran and Antares from May 29-31 and then again from December 2-4, it can open a stargate, allowing us to receive psychic downloads and balance our mental and emotional bodies.

In some cultures, Antares was considered a resting place for souls as they made their journey to the afterlife.

Antares is closely connected to the energy of Mars. Mars is fearless, confident, passionate, and bold, but can also be hot-tempered, irritable, and impulsive.

If you have Antares active in your birth chart (within 1-2 degrees of your, Sun, Moon, any planet, Rising, or Midheaven), it can indicate a strong nature and innate confidence. You are likely to be intuitive and very in tune with your feelings, which can help you to lead a life of passion and purpose, however, this can have its drawbacks when your emotional state is out of balance.

When out of balance, the energy of Antares can manifest as obsession, reckless behavior, or acting on impulse.

The best way to work with the energy of Antares is to learn how to balance your emotional state. This may involve talking to a therapist, learning how to protect your energy, meditative practices, and learning the skills needed to properly express and communicate how you are feeling.

Our emotional body holds a deep wisdom that is connected to our passions, purpose, and sixth sense. When in balance, we can truly flourish.

For all of us, we can connect to the energies of Antares when the Sun aligns with it from December 2nd-4th. This is the perfect time to bring awareness to our emotional state and to clear any emotions that are leading to imbalances.

This is also a power day to connect with our passions, trust where our feelings may be trying to guide us, and listen to our intuition. The energy of Antares is also a powerful guide for leading a life that is filled with more passion, pleasure, and purpose.

Fomalhaut- 4 degrees of Pisces Active February 21-24

Fomalhaut is the guardian of the southern sky and is sometimes referred to as the loneliest star, as it seems to light up a large stretch of the night sky all by itself.

Fomalhaut is connected to the return of the light after a period of darkness, and finding the light within ourselves. It is high in the sky during the transitionary seasons of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

Fomalhaut holds a highly transformative energy, reminding us that all things are temporary. All things in this life come and go, but with every death, something is reborn.

This process of transformation is a highly creative one, and Fomalhaut is said to inspire extraordinary talent and gifts in the areas of art, music, writing, science, and spirituality.

If you have Fomalhaut active in your chart (within 1-2 degrees of your Sun, Moon, any planet, Rising Sign, or Midheaven), there is a strong possibility that your creative or spiritual talents will bring you notability.

Compared to the other Royal Stars, Fomalhaut is a much softer energy and its vibration seems to be more attuned to our soul energy than to our human body.

Fomalhaut can activate our spiritual gifts and strengthen our psychic and intuitive abilities. As it works on a more subtle level, its essence can be difficult to pin down.

In fact, this is also part of the nature of Fomalhaut. Its nature can make it hard to stay grounded and can lead to escapism or being out of touch with reality. Part of the lesson that Fomalhaut offers is to balance the energy between body and soul, and to use our talents for the greater good, rather than for personal gain.

Fomalhaut aligns with the Sun from February 21st-24th, on these days, we can use its energy to strengthen our spiritual connection, work on our creative talents, and to remember that new beginnings are always on offer when something falls away. Tanaaz

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