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Intuitive Astrology: Venus Retrograde 2021-2022

Venus is one of the brightest stars in our night sky. When Venus would appear in the evenings, ancient astrologers would call her Evening star Venus. They would then watch as Venus dipped below the horizon, only to emerge a few weeks later in the early hours of the morning. They referred to this Venus as Morning Star Venus.

The transition from Evening to Morning Star Venus is one of death and rebirth. Venus leaves our evening sky, only to be reborn again under the light of the Sun.

Venus represents our heart, our ability to love and be loved, and our relationships. All of these areas are up for rebirth when Venus undergoes this metamorphosis from Evening Star to Morning Star.

As part of this 18-month metamorphosis journey, Venus enters a phase known as retrograde. During this retrograde phase, Venus is not an Evening or a Morning star, rather she is dancing between states as she moves through the underworld.

Venus enters this underworld phase on December 19, 2021, in the tropical zodiac of Capricorn. She will then emerge out of retrograde on January 29, 2022, as a full-born Morning Star.

This transformation of Venus represents a transformation in our own lives when it comes to love, matters of the heart, and our relationships.

It is also important to note that Venus doesn’t just rule over romantic relationships but also our relationship with money and the things that we value.

The energy of Venus helps us to decide what we value and what is worth our time. It helps us to understand what is worth our energy.

As Venus enters retrograde, all these areas are highlighted for us and we are encouraged to rebirth any patterns, relationships, or attitudes that are no longer supporting our highest growth.

As Venus enters retrograde, any weak spots in our relationships with others may also rise to the surface, challenging us to think about our interactions and how we are choosing to show up.

Venus Retrograde can also bring up issues relating to our health, especially when it comes to our reproductive organs. As Venus is so closely linked with the heart, we may also find that it’s easier for our emotions to manifest on a physical level.

The energies of Venus Retrograde may show up for all of us differently, but the root is the same. We are all being challenged to open our hearts, find a greater love, and to deepen and strengthen our relationships, not just with others but with money and the things that we value.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn 2021-2022

Venus will retrograde in the sign of Capricorn and be hovering close to the planet Pluto for most of the Retrograde.

As Pluto’s energy is close, it will flavor the retrograde and the energies that we are experiencing.

Pluto’s presence brings power and this may shine a spotlight on where we need to stand in our power more when it comes to our relationships. It may also draw to our attention where there are power struggles or imbalances in any of the relationships in our lives.

Under this energy, we may also discover a newfound power when it comes to following our heart and connecting with its wisdom.

Our heart can be an incredible source of power on so many levels, and this is something we may come to realize on a deeper level during this retrograde.

As Venus also rules over money, this retrograde period can shine a light on our relationship with abundance and perhaps even inspire new and creative sources of income. Venus and Pluto together are also a positive omen for earning royalties and income from past projects.

Capricorn is a very earthy, grounded, and practical energy to work with, so whatever is stirred under this retrograde will most likely require a solution that is mature and practical in nature.

In fact, one of the best ways to work with strong Capricorn energy is to take responsibility for yourself, your actions, and the energy you are putting out into the world.

Capricorn energy can also require us at times to view things in a more black and white manner and to set boundaries where they are needed.

How can you take full ownership of the relationships you are keeping, your financial health, and how you are choosing to spend your time?

If you think of it from this lens, you may just find that this Venus Retrograde helps you to reach a new level of maturity and stability when it comes to these areas.

Dates to Watch for Venus Retrograde 2021-2022

Under this Venus Retrograde, there are a few dates where the energy is at its strongest.

November 17/18, 2021- Venus enters Shadow Phase

As Venus enters retrograde she travels backwards through the zodiac. It is on this day that she reaches the furthest point she will move to when traveling retrograde. From this day forward, Venus will be known to be in a shadow phase. You can think of this phase as Venus getting ready to enter the underworld. Matters of the heart and things relating to our finances that are stirred at this time may be up for a revisit when Venus gets deeper into her retrograde.

December 19, 2021- Venus stations Retrograde

This is a power day for the energy of Venus. At this time, Venus energies are strong and we may begin feeling the stirrings of what is to come. Venus rules over our heart space, so we may feel or experience events that stir our heart chakra or inspire us to open our heart wider.

January 8/9, 2021- Venus aligns with the Sun

Venus is not yet visible in the mornings but this is the first moment she begins to emerge as a morning star. This signifies the rebirth of Venus. You may feel a rebirth in your own heart center at this time. Like with all newborn things however, it takes time for the fullness of this rebirth to emerge. Think of this like a little seed that is just starting to sprout. If you are working through relationship or money issues, this is when you may start to see solutions rolling in.

January 29, 2022- Venus stations Direct

Morning Star Venus has now emerged from the underworld, ready to take on this new chapter. A new energy is now filtering through us and our hearts. We may feel like we have been reborn or perhaps the lessons of this retrograde period are now made clear to us. Whatever has needed to unfold has come into our awareness.

March 2, 2022 – Venus leaves Shadow Phase

Venus is in shadow phase until it leaves the last degree that it went retrograde at. At this point, the energies are wiped clean and we are ready to start again. Venus won’t return to the underworld again for another 18 months.

Venus Retrograde Journal Prompts/ Excercises

1.) How can I stand in my power more? What makes me feel the most powerful?

2.) How can I connect with the wisdom of my heart? What are ways to make me feel supported in following the messages of my heart?

3.) Do I feel empowered by the relationships I keep? If not, how can I create more balance?

5.) Do I like how I am choosing to spend my time? Am I spending my time on the things that I value the most?

6.) I know I am already worthy, but I can increase my feelings of self-worth by…..

7.) My relationship with money is….

8.) What does money mean to me…


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