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Intuitive Astrology: Virgo New Moon August 2022

As August comes to a close, it brings the start of a new lunar cycle with a Virgo New Moon on August 27, 2022.

As we begin a new lunar cycle, it is time to reset our own inner world. It is time to consider what is no longer serving our highest growth and wellbeing. It is time for us to think about what new steps, practices, and actions we can take to bring us closer to a feeling of alignment, peace, and belonging.

Take a moment to pause as you read this and ask yourself – What is one simple thing I can do to bring myself closer to a feeling of alignment, peace, and belonging? Even the smallest acts of love towards yourself count!

Falling in the earthy sign of Virgo, there is a grounded energy to this New Moon. It beckons us to sink our feet into the earth, to feel a part of all that surrounds us, and to remember that life is so much easier when we flow in harmony with the season of our lives.

Use the energy of the Virgo New Moon, to accept your reality, to bring yourself back down to Earth, and to recognize that your soul chose to be here, on this planet, at this time. It doesn’t really matter the reason, but knowing you are walking where you are meant to be walking, even if it doesn’t feel like it, can bring a sense of peace into your being. Allow yourself to find truth in that idea, whatever that looks like for you.

Give yourself permission to fully and wholeheartedly accept that you are right where you need to be, and all that is unfolding right now is leading you to your highest growth and highest expression of your soul.

Virgo is represented by the Virgin Goddess, and she is our guide under this New Moon energy. The Virgin Goddess is really a symbol of wholeness. She is whole and complete in herself. She is full and satisfied in her being. She is the source of her own wisdom.

The Virgin Goddess reminds us to activate our own inner power and to remember that all that we need can be found from within, we just have to take the steps to listen and honor our mind, body, and soul. We just have to learn to treat our body as the sacred temple that it is.

One of the best ways to use the energy of the Virgo New Moon is to think about ways we can all embody the idea that our body is our temple.

How can you treat yourself as the sacred being that you are?

Very often, this requires simply listening. Simply listening to your body and the innate wisdom that rises up from within.

Your body can be a messenger if you are paying attention and if you are listening to your intuition. Ask your Higher Self, Angels, Guides, or even Mother Moon to send you a sign if you are dealing with some health problems that don’t seem to have a clear answer. Ask your body to reveal what it needs, and trust the wisdom that arises.

Sometimes this wisdom will alert us to the right foods to eat, supplements to take, or doctors to see, other times, it will alert us to what or who we should avoid. Become your own advocate, whatever that means for you, and the Virgo lunar vibrations will support you all the way.

Mars, the planet of action, energy, and fire, is very active under this New Moon. The energy of Mars can sometimes make us feel a little irritable and stir where we may be holding on to fears and insecurities. It can deplete our tolerance levels too, making us short on patience and easily frustrated.

Being aware of this can help you to be compassionate towards yourself and others if you notice any of these feelings arise. On deeper levels however, Mars often stirs these less pleasant emotions in us when we have unresolved fears and insecurities that are preventing us from speaking our truth and doing what we want to do.

Mars can trigger where we have held ourselves back out of fear or insecurity. Essentially, any frustration or irritability we feel can elude to where we have not been standing up for ourselves, following our heart or passions, or staying in our authentic truth.

If you feel yourself getting a little irritable, ask yourself where it may be really coming from and be mindful of taking it out on the wrong people. If nothing else, Mars energy can also be channeled into physical activity, and with the Moon in Virgo, you could also take this opportunity to do a deep cleaning or reorganizing of your space.

When we work productively with Mars energy, it can give us the confidence and stamina needed to push past our fears and address what is really troubling us. Combining this with the New Moon, we can use the energy to set intentions that are daring and geared to help us push past our fears.

If there is something you have wanted to do but have felt blocked by insecurities, this is a good time to see if you can push past them, even if just in a small way.

Set some intentions under this New Moon around overcoming your fears, and feel the support of the Universe that follows.


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