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January 2023 Astrology

Welcome to the first month of 2023! There’s quite a bit of planetary turns ahead, so knowing the terrain can help you set proper expectations and plan appropriately.

January kicks off on a slow note, with Mercury + Mars going retrograde. The lull you sense in the beginning will turn to a surge of momentum by the end so don’t lose site of the big picture! A.L.O.T will happen over the course of the next several weeks. January begins in the thick of Capricorn Season and ends in Aquarius. Expect a major focus on Capricorn themes with a pioneering twist, including new goal setting and 2023 manifesting. We’re all going to be craving doing new things (thank you Jupiter in Aries!).

Capricorn means business and that mindset will influence us in the coming weeks. But the Aquarius vibe will be around and grow stronger as the month sets in. You’re going to get a sense of wanting to do things your way …. and lean into more authentic directions. It’ll be beneficial to re-focus your lens into seeing things differently. Consider leaving some old worn habits behind and commit to setting new rules for yourself.

As you begin the New Year, use the energy of Capricorn Season to create new goals —but remain flexible into where they might lead.

Crystal B Astrology

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