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January Monthly Horoscope

M2023 kicks off with a soulful Full Moon in intuitive Cancer on January 6th. This lunation arrives just in time, lending us all the opportunity to release and let go of anything we wish to leave behind as we embark upon a new annual journey.

Pertinent to this Full Moon is learning to strive for greater balance between work and play, between outer security and inner security. Our inner parent – Capricorn – needs to step up and take responsibility for our inner child – Cancer. This might look like, for example, setting better boundaries when it comes to managing our professional duties and the downtime that we so deeply need. This is so that we can feel nurtured and held in safety over the ups and downs that any New Year inevitably brings.

Out of the clutches of serious Capricorn, Venus moving into Aquarius on January 2nd this planet can now really play and let loose! Venus is wild and rebellious in unusual Aquarius and her love is freely given to all. Venus in Aquarius sees no differences, whether gender, race or class, and she knows everyone to be her best friend.

When Venus is in Aquarius, our values go from goal-orientated to socially responsible.

After several months in erratic and talkative Gemini, Mars will end its Retrograde motion on January 12th. If you have been feeling abit lacking of energy or unable to make major progress on your goals, after this time luck will be more in your favor. Keep in mind Mercury is also retrograde until January 18th so best to take it slow and plan all your moves in 2023 before taking action.

With Aquarius season arriving on January 20th, we will collectively be feeling (seeing as Aquarius rules the social collective) ready to make waves, to stand up for what we believe in. We will be growing stronger in our convictions, and willing to be mocked and persecuted for what we know to be true. Being the sign of the teacher, Aquarius Season really is about educating ourselves and spreading knowledge, about learning the truth and giving that to the world.

The first New Moon of 2023, at one degree of Aquarius on January 21st, invites us all to collectively manifest our ideals, goals, visions and dreams for the future. Being a forward-thinking sign, Aquarius is all about planting both feet firmly in tomorrow. This cosmic energy is perfect for a New Year, and comes at a time when many, if not most of us, are ready to make changes. After all, isn’t that what a New Year’s resolution is all about?

Aquarius also rules the concept of tribe and belonging – questions to ask ourselves at this point might be ‘where do I belong?’, or, ‘is the community I’m a part of still aligned to my values?’. Sitting with these questions is never easy, but with the intellectually intelligent and intuitive energy of this air sign, we’re bound to come up with innovative, original solutions.

Should we find that we are, in fact, no longer aligned to our circles, or that we’re feeling like an outsider, then it’s important to petition the Universe with exactly the kinds of people we wish to attract and hold onto. Making a list of the qualities we seek in our tribe is a grounded and practical step towards creating conscious community.

Uranus is the 3rd planet to station direct in 2023 on January 22nd. This slow moving behemoth is retrograde for around half the year most of the time and while it stations direct it allows more of our pent up ideas and attitudes to be shown and manifested within the world.

Finally, Venus will move into Pisces on January 26th, you'll probably fall in love, over and over again, with everything beautiful you come in contact with.In this sign, Venus is exalted, meaning that both the planet and the sign its in work well together and bring out the best qualities of each. In this case, it’s all about love, passion and the ability to see our dreams come to a reality.. Regardless of our specific relationship status, there is always a need to balance our own wants and needs not only with our partner but also with the two of us as a couple or team.


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