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July 28 Leo New Moon: Courage + Dramatic Twists + Unexpected Opportunity

It’s time to set your intentions for the high energy Cazimi Leo New Moon taking place on July 28. The sign of Leo now takes the stage with a BOLD statement. As the moon roars in the firey sign of the lion – she’ll want a dramatic kind of show. It’s a given that the energy radiating off her will be magnified — but unpredictability comes along for the ride.

Egos will be looking to be seen and heard but finding the right words to say might not come easily. Our actions are going to be more important in this scenario. Passions will also run high and new needs for expression have the opportunity to reveal themselves.

The heart and fire of Leo will help us get in tune with our creative and courageous sides as we go after new chapters. Leo is the sign that’s always on a quest of self-discovery. In every endeavor, it says, “I will”, and goes after whatever it takes to fill the void. Finding YOUR PURPOSE is what Leo’s passion is directing you towards.

Pressures are high in this story from every angle. Mercury (in Leo) will be staring down Saturn (in Aquarius) and they are both in the snake pit with Mars + Uranus (heading towards an explosive conjunction in Taurus). The need to do something totally outside the box and bold really stands out. Pressure will lead people to do things that may be out of character, but necessary in the moment. If you need to act, make sure to do it with kindness and love vs. aggression and anger.

Breathe in courage and exhale fear as you make your way into the next!


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