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July – Powerful 13 Universal Month: Spiritual Catharsis!

July in 2022 is a 13 Universal Month, number of the Divine Feminine, 13 annual Moon Cycles, transformation and empowerment.

13 awakens your desire for spiritual catharsis.

The Moon covers approximately 13 degrees every day.

There are 13 Moon cycles in one year.

There are 13 weeks in each season.

4 seasons multiplied by 13 create the 52 weeks that make up an Earth year.

Moon cycles are naturally aligned with feminine cycles and the circle of life-death-rebirth.

13 gives you tremendous power to both create – and to destroy.

1+3 reduces to the root number 4.

4 is the builder. Purging and rebuilding are the keystones to life.

The creation/destruction cycle transforms and renews.

Rebirth is the big theme in July!

Just like the four seasons are symbolized by 13 week cycles and the moon has 13 cycles in one year, 13 is directly connected to the rhythms of change (life-death-rebirth) here on Earth.

Change is a natural part of life.

Without change it’s impossible to move, play, create, learn, expand and grow.

In July the celestial energy codes propel you to surrender and go with the flow.

Align your heart vibrationally with what feels effortless.

Notice when you are resisting. Flip the switch. Surrender to feel ease and joy.

In this joyful state you are free to explore all opportunities and possibilities.

All small and big successes rely on your willingness to surrender and your openness to flow with surprising developments…

That’s when you experience yourself as joy!

Your openness is a total trust in the goodness of the universe.

13 is a compelling invitation to give your heart to Love.

Along with love, joy is the force moving the universe, galaxies and stars.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


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