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Jupiter in Pisces: Dec 28, 2021 – May 10, 2022

On the 28th of December 2021, Jupiter ingresses into Pisces where it swiftly spends less than five months, before entering Aries in May 2022. This is not normal, as Jupiter normally spends around a year in each sign.

It stays in Aries until 8 degrees, and then stations retrograde moving back into Pisces from October till December 2022. For these two months it stays at 28 and 29 degrees, before leaving Pisces and not returning for another 12 years

The 29th degree, known as the anorectic degree, represents ultimate completion, karmic evolution and what you are done with. This is a powerful last opportunity to integrate all you have learnt during this transit.

The first few months as it moves through Pisces, it only visits each degree once, so be mindful if you have any planets at any of these degrees as it will be moving so fast, and you want to reap the rewards that Jupiter in Pisces brings.

Pisces represents completion, being the last sign of the zodiac. It’s a deeply spiritual sign that explores the process of transmutation and what you are ready to release before starting the journey again in Aries. It’s about surrendering to divine will and allowing yourself to be guided beyond the logic of the mind. Here we are learning to trust in what we can’t see, but have faith in with our senses, through what we feel.

Jupiter represents expansion, growth, higher wisdom and what we are learning and moving through. Jupiter is where we understand that there is always more to learn.

With Jupiter in Pisces, we expand our spiritual understanding. This heralds a period of increased intuition and awareness around themes in our lives where we have been hoping for more.

The house that Jupiter in Pisces moves through in our chart, gives us a sense of the area of life, where we may experience an infusion of fresh energy, bringing in what is for our best and highest good.

Jupiter in Pisces moving through this house, expands our frequency and raises our perception, allowing us greater perspective and awareness during this process of intuitive expansion. We may experience “aha” moments and insights that allow us to see more of, than ever before.

Support, compassion, acceptance, and unconditional love are all the higher vibrational energies of Pisces.

It is also possible during this period to feel discouraged, defeated, overwhelmed, or depressed. For those highly sensitive empaths, this may be a time to seek aloneness to explore your creativity and spiritual gifts. This transit moves by so quickly so it’s helpful to take stock of what is happening with your energy, to integrate all that you have the potential to experience and learn.

Pisces being such a generous and loving influence, might mean that you find yourself over giving of your time and energy.

It’s important during this period to be aware of your energetic boundaries, and knowing when to say your No, so that you don’t end up feeling depleted.


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