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Jupiter In Taurus 2023-2024 – How It Will Influence You

988 to December 1988-March 1989.

From a mundane perspective, Jupiter’s previous transits through Taurus have been rather peaceful and prosperous. A notable exception is the bubble that burst in March 2000, when Jupiter in Taurus was square Neptune in Aquarius.

Taurus is a down-to-earth, common-sense sign that will always point to what’s obvious.

Whatever is not built on sustainable foundations will no longer thrive during a Taurus transit. Looking back, the dot.combubble burst for obvious reasons, to counter Neptune’s unrealistic enthusiasm for digitalization (Aquarius).

With Jupiter square Pluto at 0° Aquarius in the 2nd half of May 2023, some similar March 2000 themes may come to our awareness. This time there are some notable differences. Unlike Neptune, Pluto is not unrealistic. Pretty much the contrary. Pluto LOVES to expose the dirt.

So if something goes south when Jupiter enters Taurus, that’s likely because Pluto wants to expose some sort of shady business practices (Taurus) or dark aspects of digitalization and AI (Aquarius).

One of the greatest dangers of AI is blurring the lines between what’s real and what’s not.

AI can now create very realistic images of people or things that are not real. AI can take a sample of someone’s voice and clone it to create a completely new speech. And Jupiter in Taurus (the most down-to-earth Taurus placement) doesn’t like this.

How will Jupiter square Pluto play out? A square is a tense aspect that shows what’s not working and needs adjustment. Jupiter in Tarurus’ common sense and appreciation of the natural world will be at odds with Pluto in Aquarius’ agenda to achieve power and control through the means of technology.

This theme is further emphasized by Jupiter’s upcoming conjunction with the North Node. In May 2023 we are not only dealing with a Jupiter-Pluto square, but with a Jupiter conjunct North Node in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius and opposite South Node in Scorpio.

This transit is definitely not easy. Some adjustments are inevitable. We first need to fix what’s not working so we can then reap the benefits of next year’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction (April 2024).

Jupiter In Taurus – The 2024 Vision

Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions are times of extraordinary advancements, progress and innovation. The type of progress a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus brings is real, and here to stay.

Jupiter’s transit through Taurus ends triumphantly with a Jupiter-Venus conjunction at 29° Taurus on May 23rd, 2024.

Venus-Jupiter conjunctions are some of the most auspicious transits in astrology. Venus is in domicile in Taurus. This transit screams abundance and prosperity!

We’re truly up for some extraordinary developments 1 year from now… but until then, we want to be mindful of the challenges the Jupiter-Pluto square will bring in the next few weeks.

Jupiter starts its journey in Taurus with an argument with Pluto. And it ends with a Venus celebration.

If we want prosperity and abundance (Venus conjunct Jupiter at 29° Taurus), we first need to release unhealthy beliefs and behaviors that keep us trapped in resentment and fear (Jupiter at 0° Taurus square Pluto).

To work with the upcoming Jupiter-Pluto square, make a list of all your financial and partnership entanglements that keep you trapped and enslaved.

Examples are: unspoken conversations with your partner, escalating debt you’re too fearful to look into, mortgage that needs to be refinanced, properties that need to be sold, or more insidious things like an unconscious fear to earn more because you don’t want to share your resources (or pay more taxes).

The silver lining? 2024’s Jupiter-Uranus and Jupiter-Venus conjunction. Your life CAN take an unexpected turn for the better.

And while it’s important to work with the challenges of the Jupiter-Pluto square, an even better place to start is with a beautiful Venus-Jupiter vision for the future.

When Jupiter enters Taurus, ask yourself:

What is my Venus-Jupiter vision? What would make me truly happy? What’s my idea of a simple, beautiful, prosperous life? In which ways can I simplify my life? How would a Taurus go about it?

Astro Butterfly

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