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March 13th, 2022 – Sun Conjunct Neptune In Pisces

On March 13th, 2022 the Sun is conjunct Neptune at 22° Pisces. Sun-Neptune conjunctions are our opportunity to understand something about ourselves that is difficult to grasp otherwise.

Neptune can expose our blind spots, but also our zones of genius. Neptune rules those parts of ourselves we don’t pay attention to, we overlook, or we’re just oblivious to.

When the Sun meets Neptune, it shines a light on what’s otherwise difficult to see. The result? A more well-rounded understanding of yourself and what makes you human. (by Astro Butterfly)

The annual meeting of the Sun and Neptune is a day of creativity, spiritual growth, and higher love. Neptune is considered the planet of Universal Love. It helps us to realize that we are all connected, that at our core, we are really all just One. Neptune and the Sun coming together can amplify spiritual insights, help us connect to our intuition, and makes it easier for us to connect with Divine realms. Neptune also rules over the world of fantasy, art, and music, so there is strong cosmic energy favoring this type of work right now. (by Tanaaz)

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