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March 3rd, 2022 – Venus And Mars Conjunct Pluto

On March 3rd, Mars, quickly followed by Venus, meets up with Pluto at 27° Capricorn.

This is an extremely intense conjunction that has been building up for almost 2 weeks now. You may already be familiar with this energy – and the conjunction on March 3rd is the culmination, the grand finale. This is not an aspect to be taken lightly!

Venus is what we want, and Mars is how we go after what we want. Normally Venus-Mars conjunctions are nothing to worry about, on the contrary, they can give us that extra determination to pursue our goals and desires… but when Pluto gets involved, the intensity increases tenfold.

Pluto is the collective power, the Will of the Universe.

When there are Pluto conjunctions, two things can happen: we embody the Pluto archetype at an identity level and ‘abuse’ our personal power… of course, only to be put back into our place later.

OR we project the Plutonic energy onto the outside world and feel totally powerless and at the mercy of fate, events, or other people.

The key to working with this incredibly intense transit is understanding what it is that we want and what it is that Pluto wants. When we find that sweet spot, the Plutonic rewards can be incredible.

Astro Butterfly

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