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March 4, 2022 ~ Venus Leaves Shadow Period

Venus entered retrograde back on December 19, 2021, and stationed direct again on January 29, 2022. During this period, matters of the heart may have come to the surface in order to be transmuted and cleared. Venus Retrograde would have amplified outworn relationship dynamics, and self-limiting beliefs that were holding us back from realizing our full potential. Even though Venus has not been in retrograde since the end of January, it has still been moving slowly, retracing part of the cosmic skies where it has already traveled. This is known as the shadow phase and happens at the start and end of each retrograde period. On this day, the shadow phase officially comes to an end, and Venus returns to new territory, bringing with it some new energy. When it comes to our relationships and heart-led matters, Venus leaving its shadow phase can bring some rejuvenating energy.


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