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March 5th, 2022 – Sun Conjunct Jupiter In Pisces

On March 5th, 2022, Sun is conjunct Jupiter at 14° Pisces.

Sun-Jupiter conjunctions are some of those 5-star auspicious transits astrology enthusiasts eagerly wait for to plan important life events like the start of a new business, a wedding, or the purchase of a property.

Even better news is that this year, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction happens in Pisces, Jupiter’s sign, so the transit is particularly auspicious. If you’d like to seed something that you want to see grow, Sun conjunct Jupiter is an excellent opportunity to take that first step.

Don’t be humble, don’t dream small. With Jupiter, everything is BIG, so you want to tap into this incredibly expansive energy. Just like with the New Moon from earlier this month, having faith and actually believing in yourself and in your dreams is key.

Astro Butterfly

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