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Mars Retrograde In Gemini 2022-2023 – Winds Of Change

On October 31st, 2022 Mars goes retrograde in Gemini. This is one of the most important transits of the year.

Mars doesn’t go retrograde often… but when it does, you can bet it comes with important changes and developments.

Mars spends 6 weeks in a sign on average. Not this time though. Because of its retrograde motion, Mars will spend a record of 7 months in Gemini. That’s roughly 5 times longer than usual!

This means that the area of your chart where you have Gemini will come into focus.

If Gemini is your 2nd house, your finances will come into focus. If Gemini is your 4th house, your family life will come with focus. If Gemini is your 7th house, your relationships, and so on.

Mars Retrograde In Gemini 2022-2023 Timeline

To understand the Mars Retrograde in Gemini transit, let’s take a look at the transit’s timeline – when Mars goes retrograde, when it goes direct, when it goes out of shadow, and what aspects it makes with other planets:

August 20th, 2022: Mars enters Gemini

September 3rd, 2022: Mars enters shadow at 8° Gemini

October 31st, 2022: Mars goes retrograde at 25° Gemini

November 19th, 2022: Mars square Neptune at 22° Pisces

December 8th, 2022: Mars opposite Sun at 16° Sagittarius

January 13th, 2023: Mars goes direct at 8° Gemini

March 16th, 2023: Mars (at 25° Gemini) out of shadow

March 25th, 2023: Mars leaves Gemini

Pay attention to these dates and note any feelings, thoughts, events, or breakthroughs you may have.

Things may not make sense at first… but by the 2nd half of the Mars retrograde cycle (December 8th) you should have a pretty good idea about what this transit is all about.

Mars Retrograde In Gemini – Witches On Broomsticks

To understand how Mars retrograde in Gemini will influence us, let’s quickly recap what Mars and Gemini represent.

Gemini is the 3rd sign of the zodiac. Aries lights the spark of consciousness, and Taurus creates the fertile soil for the seed to grow into a plant. In Gemini, it’s time for pollination – for sharing information from plant to plant. Gemini is not only a pollinator, it is a messenger, and its role is to connect one thing to another.

That’s why Gemini is primarily associated with movement (Gemini is literally “Mutable” “Air”). Without movement, things get stale and eventually die. If you don’t open the windows, the house gets that stale smell. For things to stay alive, we need Gemini.

Mars is synonymous with “action”. Mars is the speed train. Or the witch on a broomstick.

When Mars goes retrograde we take action as usual – we go back, we ponder, we revisit, we strategise. We see what works and what doesn’t. Mars retrograde has almost a magical quality about it. It gives us the opportunity to undo what we have done, to go back in time and change things.

Can we really change our reality? There’s another reason why this particular Mars retrograde has an almost magical quality about it. That reason is Neptune.

Mars Retrograde In Gemini Square Neptune In Pisces

Mars retrograde in Gemini is marked by the Mars-Neptune square. When Mars goes retrograde, Mars is literally squaring Neptune… and the square will be in effect for at least a few more weeks.

The key word for any Neptune hard aspect is “confusion”.

If Neptune soft aspects (trines, sextiles) bring wholeness and deep spiritual meaning, when we have hard aspects like the square, we’re still motivated about finding that Neptunian wholeness, that superior state where life has a deep meaning.

BUT at first we will struggle. We don’t know where to start. We feel that there are too many hurdles and obstacles. We feel discouraged.

Mars square Neptune will firstly make us doubt our direction and purpose in life.

Things we used to believe in, things that used to fulfill us, will no longer make sense, will no longer inspire us. We may no longer find meaning in our actions, in our activities, in our daily life.

When 2 planets square each other, they are in different elements. Mars in Gemini is Air, and Neptune in Pisces is water. When Mars in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces, Mars will try to fight water with wind. One thing is certain: Mars square Neptune will make some waves.

Neptune’s ocean is the ocean of the unconscious. The ocean moves things around, carrying treasures and debris from one shore to the next, from one corner of the world to the other.

When we have a Neptune transit, we surrender and wait for our ‘karmic payout’. On our walks on the shore, we may find a beautiful seashell, or, dead fish entangled in a fishing net.

Mars is the planet of free will. When Mars squares Neptune, Mars doesn’t want to “leave it to the Universe”. Mars wants to have a say in the process.

We can keep doing the same things – and get the same results -, OR we can do something about it.

If we’re really honest, everything that happens in our life is the result of our previous actions.

Mars Retrograde In Gemini – Winds Of Change

Ready or not, the wind of change is coming.

Things WILL change, so at least we want to be active participants. Not to prevent the inevitable, not to ‘control’ the situation, but to be conscious about what’s happening.

We no longer have to do things the same way. We no longer have to repeat the same mistakes. We can undo things. We can change things. We can have a say. We can consciously co-create with the Universe a life of meaning and purpose.

But first we have to be ready to let go of false or outdated beliefs and ways of doing things.

Life is constant change. We are no longer the person we were 1 year, 10 years, 30 years ago. We no longer have the same goals. As life changes, our priorities change too. If you feel confused, or “lost at sea”, that’s a sign that it’s time for a change.

Don’t fight the confusion. Stay with it. Mars retrograde takes its time. Stay there as long as needed.

At some point, when you least expect it, the fog will lift for you to see the enchanting new possibilities that lay ahead of you.

Pay attention to your dreams and to things, events, and people that seem to come out of nowhere with a message for you.


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