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Mars Trine Neptune ~ November 29, 2021

Mars Trine Neptune

6:10am PDT/ 7:10am MDT/ 8:10am CDT/ 9:10am EDT

Can you be dreamy and productive at the same time? Monday's special connection between enchanting Neptune in Pisces and go-getter Mars in Scorpio says, "Yes!"

As Neptune and Mars dance into a flowing trine (120-degree angle), they'll combine their energies in a helpful, proactive way. Neptune governs our subconscious minds while Mars brings a feisty, can-do vibe to the equation. Imagination or innovation? How about both?

The Mars-Neptune trine—which lingers on for the first half of the week—encourages inner work. Where do you feel the urge to grow, heal, and change? With both planets parked in water signs, you could make big strides on the emotional and creative fronts. Forgive and hug it out; or maybe just seal a chapter in the vault, leaving the past in the past. Artistic types could wrap 2021 with a tailwind of creative inspiration—and quite possibly, an impressive new addition to your portfolio!

The AstroTwins

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