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Mercury in Gemini

Finally, Mercury will pick up its speed and return to Gemini from June 13 until July 5, 2022!

When Mercury is in Gemini

If it feels like you’re being pulled into a dozen different directions, or that you’re a little more distracted than usual, there’s a good chance that Mercury is in Gemini! The combination of Mercury and Gemini means we will probably be thinking in tangents, never able to follow through with a single thought for too long. Imagine a bee buzzing around inside a jar -- that’s what our minds are like during this transit.

Mercury and Gemini are both into facts and data. Open subjects like philosophy, the meaning of life, and other big picture concerns become less important to us when Mercury moves into this sign. Because of this, talk may come more easily for all of us, even though the truth could be hard to find.

If you were hoping Mercury in Gemini might give you the ideas needed to write that original novel or to come up with the next big innovation, don’t set your hopes too high. Followthrough is not Mercury in Gemini’s strong suit. It’s more likely that one idea will float into another which will float into another -- best to keep a voice recorder on hand and revisit these flashes of brilliance later!











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