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Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn DECEMBER 29, 2022 - JANUARY 18, 2023


Meticulous Planning

Listening to your inner self


Letting go of the past

Surrendering to the unknown

The last Mercury retrograde for the year, happening in goal-orientated Capricorn, comes at the perfect time. What better moment than when many of us are already in a reflective, integrating phase, a stage where we collectively look back on the year gone by and collate our experiences?

This retrograde is a very clear sign from the Universe that it’s time to sit down and process, to slow down, review and renew. This is our golden moment to think about the goals we’ve achieved so far and to decide what has worked, and what hasn’t. Were we true to our integrity? Did we take the tangible steps needed to manifest these goals? Were we realistic about what we could take on – and what we couldn’t? These are all excellent journal prompts to take us into the New Year.

Starting on December 29th and ending January 18th, it’s important to not push too hard into 2023. To start on a cautious, careful footing. To plan, structure and organize the goals for the year ahead, so that as soon as Mercury is direct, we can take action. It also helps to know that Mars also goes direct a mere week before Mercury resumes normal motion. With these two planets behaving properly again, we can finally take all the projects we’ve had on the backburner and make them a reality.

Thus, the last part of 2022 is not a time for wasting energy. Instead of forcing, we need to surrender and accept that nothing is likely to unfold in the way that we want to. When we let go of resistance, we make room for the Universe to give us more of what we need – not what we want.

With this strong Capricorn energy, our minds will turn to business, work, career, structure and in some ways, also creativity and spirituality. Capricorn is the Archetype of the Sea Goat, with one half in the material world and the other half in the mystical. This is one sign that has the powers to manifest their creative visions into reality – and make a living from it. Is there a spiritual or creative project you’ve always wished to birth? Now’s the time to plan it.

The aspects Mercury makes during his backwards journey are very friendly, what with a sweet conjunction to Venus and an innovative trine to Uranus – not to mention a conjunction to the Sun during the Full Moon in Cancer. All of these indicate that our minds are likely to be our happy servants rather than our masters, and that we have the power to communicate in a wise, grounded, pragmatic way. Sure, there are the usual retrograde doubts and slowdowns, but in a sign like Capricorn, this is certainly not a negative thing. In fact, this Mercury retrograde can work for us far better than most, when we listen and open up to the lessons.


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