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Moon in Aquarius Oct 4, 2022 – Oct 6, 2022

MOON ENTERS AQUARIUS AT 3:21am PDT/ 4:21am MDT/ 5:21am CDT/ 6:21am EDT until Thursday.

When the Moon is in Aquarius

When the Moon transits Aquarius, emotional issues are often brushed aside in favor of the intellectual or the abstract. This can be a good thing or a not so good thing, depending on who you are and what circumstances you’re living through. Certainly, the focus on logic cools the emotional temperature, which can be helpful in hectic or overwhelming times.

the energy of the Aquarius Moon is gregarious, good-hearted and friendly. Aquarius is a highly idealistic air sign and seeks futuristic and idealistic solutions to mankind’s problems. In this sense, the Aquarius Moon can be a visionary Moon, helping to drive forwards progress, especially environmental and technological progress.

Astrology shows that when the Moon is in Aquarius, it might be a good idea to:

Be an early adopter of new tech

Donate your skills (not your money) to a charitable cause

Go hiking, sky diving or exploring in nature

Clean up the planet in some small way

Spend time socializing online

Invent, innovate and think outside the box

Tackle an emotional problem without the emotional drama

Assert your uniqueness in your look or your image

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