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Moon in Libra July 5, 2022 - July 7, 2022 ♎️🌸

MOON ENTERS LIBRA at 3:26pm PDT/ 4:26pm MDT/ 5:26pm CDT/ 6:26pm EDT. Until Thursday, bringing in a need to strike emotional balance, feeling harmony is the way to go.

When the Moon is in Libra

This is a good moon to make compromises, with ourselves and with others. We want everything to be pretty and everyone to get along. Quarrels don’t lend themselves to peace, and we want peace more than anything right now. We’re more social, spending time with others, but choosing polite company. Rudeness isn’t highly tolerated with Libra. Relationships are more of focus, and we may spend time analyzing our relationships, trying to get them just right. We crave beauty, so we buy new things for our home and for ourselves. Makeover time! Grab a friend and go shopping. Get new curtains or go to a museum. It’s not a good time for anything that requires you to be incredibly assertive, nor is it good to make decisions, because you see all sides to the story and you’re too willing to put what you want aside for the greater good (and then when the moon is out of Libra, you realize it really wasn’t good!).

Good for: natal Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius Moons, those with natal Moon conjunct natal Venus, or natal Moon in the Seventh House.

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