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Moon in Taurus Dec. 4, 2022 - Dec 6, 2022 ♉️🌹

MOON ENTERS TAURUS AT 3:39am PST/ 4:39am MST/ 5:39am CST/ 6:39am EST until Tuesday.

We are motivated by the desire for serenity, security, peace, and comfort. The Moon is at her most sensual and constant in Taurus. Our basic impulses are to relax, resist change, and “stop to smell the roses”. Life slows down a little, and we get comfortable. We may also be inclined to stubbornness and materialism under this influence.

The Moon in Taurus generally favors the following activities: Get out in nature. Walk in grass. Do gardening and get your hands muddy. Get a massage. Sound therapy, or listening to soothing music. Bake a cake or make your favorite dish. Indulge. Buy flowers, or chocolates. This is a great day to reorganize your finances. Have a great day!

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