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New Moon in Capricorn ~ December 23, 2022


Balancing the material and mystical

Setting realistic goals


Being flexible and adaptable

Accepting rapid change to plans

The final lunation of 2022 dawns on December 23, 2022 in the sober sign of Capricorn. Although not the most fitting sign for festive celebrations, it’s perfect for manifesting structured, orderly new beginnings. Beginnings which are set to unfold over the following several months, until mid-2023.

How do we know exactly what seeds need to be sown, what roots need to be planted, so that we can reap the full benefits and rewards when the time comes? The clue lies in some of the lesser-known traits of this mystical and magical sign. These special qualities arise from the symbolism of Capricorn, namely the mythological Sea Goat, whose bottom half – the fish - represents their creative, musical and spiritual side. The upper half is adept at handling affairs of the world, but behind that ambition and determination, lies a powerful mystical energy. All we have to do is tap into it.

Occurring at 1 degree, a very sensitive degree of any Cardinal sign, This New Moon has a fresh, initiatory energy. Being earth, it’s in the realm of the material world - the realm of work, security, money and other physical representations of reality. Seeing as Capricorn is capable of straddling both the creative and material world, it’s a time to think about what creative and spiritual efforts we could put towards creating tangible security for ourselves.

This might look like taking your spiritual skills and formalizing them by signing up for a business management course, for example. Or, it’s harnessing your passion for film, music or photography and creating a structured income from it. There are so many wonderful ways to use this New Moon’s energy, if we can only harness the entrepreneurial strength of Capricorn.

Ruling this lunation is Saturn at 25 degrees of Aquarius. Unaspected and at home in this sign, this brings disciplined effort and a continued desire for freedom and independence to whatever undertaking we decide to pursue. In aspect to the New Moon is Jupiter, via a separating square. Jupiter, no matter the aspect, always tries to bring his blessings and fortune to whatever planets he touches. Thus, we can rest assured that the cosmos is on our side.

Yet, we do need to exercise that famous Capricorn cautiousness as Jupitarian energy – especially at 0 degrees of Aries – a critical degree – can be overly impulsive and rush in where angels fear to tread. Does whatever you're about to do come from a place of impatience and risk, or does it come from a place of consciousness? Are you acting out from overconfidence, believing yourself far more capable than you truly are? Are you going to excess? These are some questions to sit and mull over. Spiritual practices to embrace might be simply getting into nature - especially the mountains using the movement of our bodies to process thoughts, intentions and desires.

Finally, considering the conjunction of Pluto to Mercury, any manifestation work we do, any conversations we have, any intentions we work on, need to arise from deep within, not from obsession. Engaging the help of a therapist well-versed in mental rabbit holes may be just the thing we need to do before we can be confident of the path ahead.


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