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On November 22, 2022 ~ Sun in Sagittarius


Generosity and Optimism

Developing Wisdom and truth


Avoiding Excess

Being Aware of Self-Righteousness

Sagittarius Season, sometimes known as the Silly Season, kicks off on November 22nd, bringing with it a feeling of lightness, fun and freedom. This month is all about embracing growth and expansion. The reason for this is because Sagittarius is ruled by bountiful and abundant Jupiter, the largest of all the planets in our solar system. As such, Sagittarius Season urges us to go big, honestly explore our truth and to do it all with a sense of humor and wisdom.

Going from a water season – Scorpio – into a fire season – Sagittarius – is always a big transition. The theme of passion continues, yet the sensitivity of Scorpio evaporates, only to be replaced with the sometimes abrasive, yet honest energy of the sign of the archer. Speaking of the Archer, Sagittarius’s symbol of the centaur shooting his arrow into the heavens is representative of the action of the gift of knowledge and wisdom to the world. Sagittarius is one of the teaching signs, and its job is to share their truth far and wide. This last of the fire signs does not need to worry about how that truth is received, and in fact, can be admired for their ability to be straightforward. That arrow never misses its mark.

We’re also moving from the Scorpionic fixed energy into the mutable fluidity of Sagittarius. Thus, this season is about change and flexibility, about spontaneity and impulsiveness. Sagittarius is the archetypical traveler and never stays in one place for too long. We may find ourselves with itchy feet over this season, and if we’re not jumping on a plane or heading out on a spontaneous roadtrip, then we need to be travelling in some other way. This can be done by, for example, going on a sacred plant journey, reading or watching mind-expanding material or studying something like Astrology in more depth. Sagittarius is on a journey to find the truth, and is an eternal seeker of knowledge – true knowledge. This sign has a gift for seeing the bigger picture and rising above the details.

The shadow of Sagittarius is the tendency to be self-righteous, scattered and irresponsible. Being so changeable and adventure-seeking, this sign can forgo all adult responsibilities, throwing caution to the wind when caution is most needed. Fortunately, Sagittarius is also one of the ‘luckiest’ signs out there and always lands on their feet, thanks to being ruled by protective Jupiter. Because of this, we may be more willing to take a risk and to gamble, yet also more prone to excess.


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