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On Sunday JUPITER trines the Sun - and you just feel so GOOD!

This uplifting transit previews the Sagittarius New Moon on Wednesday, when Sun and Moon will BOTH create a trine to Jupiter - ruler of the Sagittarius New Moon!

What a wonderful enhancement of Jupiter’s abundant blessings for the next week.

Jupiter’s harmonious connection to the Sun fires up your enthusiasm and spiritual growth.

Nothing can keep you from feeling happy!

GRATITUDE and FORGIVENESS, two key frequencies governed by Jupiter, are easy to access now.

You don’t have to speak forgiveness.

Forgiveness is something your FEEL.

Just like gratitude.

Gratitude is a feeling. Not something you need to speak.

At the next level, gratitude is something you have to learn to feel.

That’s what Ascension is - telepathic feeling.

Ascension is not an event.

Jupiter trine the Sun, followed by Jupiter trine the New Moon in Sagittarius, opens up your heart to sensory feel.

Now you don’t have the limitations of names, labels, definitions, ideas.

Feeling grateful, forgiving, joyful transcends words...

Jupiter, along with Venus, plays a major role in activating that sensory feeling within you. This is why Jupiter also aligns to higher learning and spiritual beliefs.

And here's even more exciting news!

Jupiter’s move into Taurus NEXT year will combine Joy with the energy of Venus - Love! It reveals how much is taking flight within us in 2023.

Tania Gabrielle

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