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On The Energies…

We are in a powerful activation portal. Last night we had a weak explosion happen that has hurled a CME at us. That means we are going to be feeling the energetic effects over the next few days. This CME has a lot of power to it too. These energies are giving us the chance to create something new. Everything comes as a projection of your consciousness. There is no separation between anything you have ever experienced and yourself. Our thoughts create our reality and can influence our destiny. Things are manifesting fast within these energies. The more positive you are with your intentions the more you will manifest the life you want. Staying more positive can change your future. These energies are giving us a chance to shift out of the old templates. We can do that by becoming more aware of our inner programming. This is where the inner healing work comes in. We are having to clear any old, outdated past cycles. We are in a powerful space as the energies prepare to unlock the 2:22:2022 Portal. This Gateway is bringing Love, and Twin Flame Reunion. If you have been waiting on something, your being asked to keep the faith. Trust in your Angels and that these Cosmic Energies can take you where you want to be. It’s through your belief and faith that you can create miracles and strengthen your manifesting. We have different relationship lessons playing out. For some the karmic connections are becoming obvious. Clearing any toxic connections is very much part of the healing. Any relationships are meant to help you grow. They teach you how to love yourself in a deeper way. Some of you are finding powerful soul connections that are meant to happen. There are some connections that span time and space and last an eternity. Intense soul connections that are fated to meet life after life. The 2:22:2022 Portal will shine a light on your personal connections. It should give you some deeper insight on your connection if your in doubt about it.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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