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We are shifting into March! March is going to bring so many energies! March takes us into the energies of the Equinox. That means that after next week’s 3:3 Portal we are really going to be opening up to those energies. Expect huge influxes of energy over the next few weeks. This month brings us a Pisces New Moon, the 3:3 Portal, a Virgo Full Moon, a powerful Pleiadian Alignment, and the Equinox. The Sun is also starting to rise earlier now. March 2nd we have a Pisces New Moon. The Sun and the Moon will both align in the sign of Pisces, and during Pisces Season. We are very much in those energies now. This Moon is going to be a game changer. Neptune is extra active right now, since we are in Pisces Season. Expect more vivid dreams and an increase in telepathy. You should be feeling super tuned in right now. We are connecting with the spiritual realms like never before. These energies are meant to be bringing you an inner clarity, when it comes to your path and to your dreams. It’s time to get clear with your intentions. It’s time to stop looking back, and to really focus on the path ahead. This New Moon will open up a new 6 month chapter for us. This can be a great energy to get romantic. It’s an amazing energy for tapping into the spiritual. This New Moon is going to be felt more then it is seen. That makes it great time to be stargazing. It’s extra strong for manifesting. You should be seeding your intentions for the future. The energies of the 3:3 Portal are very important for the month ahead. They are to prepare us for the Equinox. When you see the number 33 it’s a powerful sign that your on the path to enlightenment. The 3:3 Portal will connect us with higher energies. These energies are helping to shift you into a better version of yourself. It’s about your inner state. These energies will be great for doing that inner work, or any activation work. March 18th we have a Virgo Full Moon. It’s bringing a healing light to the Planet. These energies are going to connect you with your feelings on a deeper level. It’s great energy for relationships. These energies are bringing some major healing yourself and the Planet vibes. There is a call to shift to service. That is our bigger purpose and reason or being here during this time. It will take everyone too! This Moon is named after the worms, as it will bring the Robin’s back. Take this as a message from Spirit. March 19th we have a powerful Pleiadian Alignment. We have Mars, the Moon, and Aldebaran forming a powerful triangle. Aldebaran always follows the Pleiades. This is a powerful alignment for any Pleiadian Starseeds or any Twin Flames. March 20th is the Equinox. That means we shift into Spring In the North, and Fall in the South. This Equinox, and the few weeks before it, and after it will bring some intense energies. During the Equinox we have cracks that open up the Earth’s electromagnetic field. This allows waves of highly charged plasma from the Sun to stream in. That means things are opening up more and we are receiving more of the Ascension Energies. Expect a huge amount of energies and Light Codes. That means March is bringing some major upgrades! During March the Earth gets super active too! The Spring Equinox is a great time to be around or connecting with the Ley Lines or the global grids.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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