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We are in Pisces Season and preparing for the Pisces New Moon. Pisces, one of the most spiritual signs in the zodiac. 3/2 we have a Pisces New Moon. This New Moon is going to be felt as it’s combining with the energies of the 3:3 Portal. It’s going to take us so much higher. The solar winds just kicked off a few minutes ago too. Expect a huge influx of energies over the next few days. Pisces is a space between life and the afterlife. It’s connected to the dimensions we travel to before birth and right after death. That’s why Pisces Season brings us through the ending of one season, and into the beginning of another. March is a great month as it brings us the energies of the Equinox. Right now we are moving through the death of the Winter and the birth of the Spring. The Energies of March will help us transition more fully into the new. Your new path, or path ahead will become more clear and visible this month. If your looking for a fresh start or a new beginning these are the energies for it. We are feeling the influence of Neptune. You may feel like your head is extra in the clouds right now. Neptune rules Pisces which includes dreams, visions and enlightenment. Neptune also rules astral projection. Pisces is a sign so connected to the astral and the dream dimensions. Most of the time when we sleep we stay in a dream state. This is where you go within your self, you dream within your own sub-conscious. Your staying within the body, in a world of your own mind. Because of the energies coming into the Planet many of you are traveling to the astral or other dimensions. You may be having more astral encounters. There are different reasons that you may end up visiting the astral. Many of you can end up there trying to find or to visit loved ones, or going back home in your sleep. This awakening is opening us up to other dimensions and realms. Right now there is work being done on the astral. Some of you end up there to heal or to work off karma. Some of you are there to be of service in some way. There is a healing that is taking place on many dimensional levels, much that still needs cleared. Pay attention if your dreaming of certain places. You tend to find certain places for a reason. Pay attention if your dreaming of certain people or connections. It’s a great time to work on that journal, dream journal or manifesting list. You may also be noticing that the Universe has been sending you non stop messages

right now. They may be coming to you in your dreams, visions, things your seeing in your everyday life, angel numbers, synchronicities, and deeper soul pulls. Your being encouraged to continue to work on your ascension path. That will mean to rise up. This is the time to be tapping into higher states. The rest of Pisces Season will have us better opening up to receive the messages. It’s a great time to tap into your intuition. It’s a great time to be tapping into the spirit world, spirits, and spirit guides. The energies this week are a great time to tap into our imagination, dreams, and inner visions!


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