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The energies are still coming in strong. 2022 is a year all about the upgrades. We are recoding our DNA. We are going through huge changes on a cellular level. That means we are purging many things out that are held on that cellular level. Our bodies are being rewritten, but that requires us to let go of the traumas that have been stored. That is why it’s so important to be healing. This is why at times you’ll be having lots of repressed or old memories coming up for healing. This is also why your processing so much old family stuff. Last night we had a CME that grazed Earth’s magnetic field. This was a weak impact. Regardless we are still feeling those energies. There is also a sunspot group on the far side of the Sun. It’s so big that it’s actually changing the way the Sun vibrates. This weekend is a time to rest and to integrate the energies. Next weekend kicks off a series of powerful astrological alignments. You don’t want to go into the week tired as the energies are so high. Some things that will help you in how your handling these ascension energies: Being more compassionate with yourself, staying more positive, staying in gratitude, getting more sleep, meditating, listening to meditation music, eating healthy, journaling, detox teas, detox herbs (chlorella, and spirulina are great), salt baths, move around more, hydrate (more water), declutter and clean your space, and more energy healing. I would recommend cancelling your Netflix subscription and getting outside more. It’s a great time to get outside and to connect with the Earth. That will help you to stay grounded, it also helps to clear negative energies. This is a great time for gardening or planting some herbs. This weekend is great energies for making that manifesting list. The magic is in the air.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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