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On The Energies…

We are continuing to receive huge amounts of Pleiadian Energies. We are still in this Portal of high frequency energies until the 24th. The energies are at the strongest now. This is a powerful time for connecting with your Star Family/ and the Light Codes/ Activations coming in. You may be seeing the infinity sign, the number 8, or the number 333 right now. This is a Twin Flame Infinity Portal too. The Sun and the Pleiades are dancing above us and will continue to form an infinity shape together. These energies are meant to help us in opening our heart more, and in living from that space of love. There is an inner union and alchemy that is occurring between the Masculine and the Feminine right now. The codes coming in with these energies are so needed. They are helping us to repair/ recode. You may need extra rest this weekend as you have been integrating a lot of energies this week. Expect the upgrades to continue through the weekend. That’s why it’s a great time to be connecting with the energies and to be using them for energy work. These energies are amazing for helping us with our own energy. It’s an amazing time to get some Andara crystals. They can help in so many ways in connecting with the Pleiadians. I recommend using blue if your getting one for that purpose.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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