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The 10:10 Portal kicks off a 10 day period of galactic activation portal days. From 10:10 to 10:20 we can expect some major Ascension Upgrades. We have an Aries Full Moon Sunday. Things may be crumbling. You can’t force people to resonate with your energy that don’t, or no longer are. We have gone through so much growth in the past year. You may be seeing things clearly, or for what they are. We are clearing major blocks with these energies. This Aries Full Moon is all about taking back your energy, and your power from situations no longer serving you. This could mean your done, or at your breaking point with different connections, or situations. Chiron is aligned with this Full Moon making it all about healing. Chiron will be in Aries and in Retrograde still too. Some wounds have left scares that will forever be a part of you. These energies will be bringing up the past. This could look like every memory you have ever had surfacing to clear throughout the ascension process. It could look like understanding deep traumas, and connecting them to some of the deeper cycles of your life. This Moon is preparing us for the Scorpio Solar Eclipse that will come with the next New Moon the 25th. We have New Chapter, or Next Chapter vibes going on right now. Stepping back into your the main character of your story vibes. This Moon also aligns with Venus. It means the focus right now is your love life and any healing you may need in this area. The 10:10 Portal will be huge. It’s energies will last through that 10 day window. Look at it as a powerful vortex. A doorway opening to Shift you into that new story. Your deciding now where you ultimately will shift through it once you enter it. The rest of this week is all about aligning with what your working on manifesting, or what you want to manifest.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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