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On the Energies…

Today is the 10:10 Portal! It’s also a Pleiadian Meteor Shower. The Taurids Meteor Shower is made up of two streams. The Taurids Meteor Shower will peak between Oct 10th and 11th in the Southern Hemisphere and Nov 12th and 13th in the Northern Hemisphere. That means Earth is passing through a lot of comet debris right now. Lots of magic on the air! From Oct 11th- 20th we have 10 Galactic Activation Portal days in a row! During Galactic Activation Portal days one or more portals in the Universe are opening. We will be receiving a huge influx of light and energies. That means many may be feeling a lot of emotions, feelings, or even anything unhealed rising the the surface. If there is healing that is needed, you may be feeling deeply a lot you can’t quite tap into. We are clearing a lot at once. Be patient right now, and rest if your needing it. We can’t take the baggage of the past with us. This is the space where we resolve any unfinished business. This can be an intense healing process. For some this may just be understanding why things had to happen as they did, releasing past connections, and cutting the cords with some people. You may want to be getting more into astrology right now. The connection that you have with the Planets is encoded in your DNA. You may be feeling a call to work with and to harness the energy. Those that do connect with it, are able to tap into more magic. We are always creating reality, and we can create on much bigger levels when we are tapping into different alignments. Elemental Magic is so powerful. The energies are also amplifying the astrological alignments. That means you may be feeling things more and more. Expect the next 11 days to bring through some powerful DNA Activations. Expect this period to be all about the Ascension Upgrades. This is preparation as we move towards the first Eclipse of this Eclipse Season. Last night’s Full Moon is still being felt, as we move through todays 10:10 Portal. Todays 10:10 Portal is so important. I notice with ascension we seem to use these Stargates to travel through. We can use these energies to recharge our own energy, we can manifest with them, and we can shift to other, better, realities.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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