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On The Energies…

New Week New Energies. We are in the peak of the Arcturus Gateway. The Arcturus Gateway opens every year between October 16th and October 18th. We have a huge influx of Galactic Energies hitting us. These high frequency energies are full of light codes/activation codes to help heal and awaken the collective. We are all very connected with Arcturus. For many of you Arcturius was one of your home stars. Arcturians often manifest in the human form as Angels. They often come through as our guides. These energies are amazing for clearing, or healing the emotional. Expect major crown chakra activations. You may feel itching, or tingling sensations in this area. We also have entered the darker half of the year. We are moving through the underworld, shifting more into the astral. Any unresolved karma may be manifesting its way into your dreams. Pay attention to what is coming through, or going on in your dreams. We are going through a collective reset as we prepare for next weeks Eclipse. Expect a Partial Solar Eclipse Oct 25th in Scorpio. This Eclipse is very close to Venus too. That means it’s going to bring any skeletons you may have hidden in your closet out. Especially anything needing to be known, or seen involving your love life. We are on the last week of Libra Season. We are preparing now, to shift into Scorpio Season, which kicks off Oct 23rd.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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