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On The Energies…

November is such a powerful Galactic Month. We also are moving closer and closer to the Nov 8th Taurus Full Moon. This is a Total Lunar Eclipse and a Blood Moon. This Moon will appear to be a coppery red color. Taurus is home to the Pleiades and where a ton of energies are coming in from right now. This next Eclipse will be even stronger than the last. We are in a Pleiadian Metor Shower! The South Taurids will peak Nov 5th and the North Taurids will peak Nov 12th. We are seeing so many shooting stars and fireballs right now. That’s right it’s Fireball Season! Expect to see yellow, orange, red, green, and of course blue colors kicking off from the Pleiades right now. During the Winter the Moon gets lower and lower. That means we are feeling its energies even more. November is a time to connect with and to honor the dead. This Scorpio Season is guiding us through a deep cycle of death, rebirth and transformation. It’s also a month of Starseed Awakening and Activation as our Planet shifts into a deep alignment with the Pleiades. It’s important that you are healing and clearing your energy now. When we carry around negative energy or negative feelings it turns into negative karma. This is why clearing your energy is so important. We are getting ready energetically for the 11:11 Portal. Nov 11th is the original Samhain. This is Celtic Fairy Day too.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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