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Happy 11:11 Portal! Happy Celtic Fairy Day too! We are receiving huge influxes of light and energies being transmitted from our Great Central Sun. This is the biggest Activation Portal of the year. Make sure you’re doing some type of energy work. These are energies for healing. This years 11:11 Portal also falls on the Eclipse Portal. We have huge destined themes playing out right now. You may sense something is supposed to, or meant to happen. It’s like Fate has met Destiny in this space. Doors are closing and opening at a rapid rate right now. If your relationships are crumbling let them. Things are being Eclipsed off of your path that are not for you. There are billions of people on Earth right now and only one person is for you. A love story that is Infinite. The 11:11 Portal is huge for any Twin Flames! You didn’t come here alone and many are vibrating high enough to come back home not only to their Twin Flame, but to their Galactic Soul Groups. People are waking up in waves all across the Planet right now. A karmic balance is occurring. This can look like good and bad karma being served up. If you are a Starseed much of your karma came from your family line. Know you are a powerful soul to have volunteered to come do the deepest of work in clearing it. These energies are all about releasing the old. Your life should be making more and more sense. It all coming together from a higher view. Finally making sense of your story and tying it all together. You may be seeing glimpses of the future. You should be tapping into your Divine Plan. That dream life suddenly becoming possible. This is the biggest manifestation day of the entire year! A Galactic Gateway that opens up our world, aligning it with the spiritual realms. Your guidance is coming in stronger. Your thoughts and intentions are manifesting rapidly right now and are being super amplified. It’s all about becoming one with your desires, and becoming a frequency match for what it is you’re trying to call in or manifest. There is an increase in synchronicity right now for those in Divine Alignment. You should be seeing so many little signs and messages all day long.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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