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We are still riding a wave of the 11:11 energies. These energies are bringing huge shifts and new higher timelines. You may feel waves of bliss, euphoria, or lots of creative energies right now. You may be noticing glitches or you’re now aligned with your manifestations even more. We have the November Pleiadian Line Up from Nov 17th-23rd. Our Sun and Earth come into a powerful alignment with the Pleiades. This only happens twice a year. During the May Alignment the Pleiades is aligned with the Sun. The November Alignment occurs when the Pleiades is opposite the Sun. During this Pleiadian Portal we receive huge influxes of Galactic Energies. Many of them straight from Alcyone, which is the Central Sun of the Pleiades. During November the Pleiades will continue to rise, showing us that Winter is on the way. Amazing energies right now for doing healing and activation work. We also have the peak of the Leonids Meteor Shower from Nov 16th to 17th. It’s a great time to catch some shooting stars. The Leonids will remain active until Dec 2nd. We can expect some brilliant colors. The Leonids kick off some nice greens and blues. We can expect lots of fireballs, and even dust.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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